Are you creating content but don’t feel you’re getting anywhere? It’s probably because either:


a) You don’t have a strategy for your content marketing in place, or


b) You are not clear on your message and what makes you stand out.


I talk a lot about blogging effectively but what does that mean? In this article I’m going to share 7 aspects of blogging effectively to help you get more out of your content marketing.

1. You need to write with a goal in mind

Why are you writing?


What do you want your content to do? 


How will it benefit your clients or potential clients?


I see a lot of blogs that exist simply because a business owner was told they ‘should’ blog. But no-one has thought about why or how it fits in with their business. 

If you don’t know why you are blogging and what you are going to use your articles for, it also means you have very little motivation to write. This is particularly true if you don’t like writing

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2. Write for your audience

Who are your clients? 


What are they interested in? 


What are they looking for?


Answering these three questions is essential if you are going to blog effectively.

3. Find the sweet spot

You want to deliver your service. Your clients are looking for help. So far, so good. 


But are your clients looking for your solution? Do they even know it exists? 


You need to write blog posts which attract the people you want to work with by sharing stories which link with their stories. 


What’s your origin story? Why do you do what you do in the way that you do it? What are they searching for? What can you share about you that the people you want to attract like too? For instance music or TV shows.


You might think, ‘that’s not business’ but people buy from people. You want to be able to have a conversation with your client which isn’t just focused on their project.

A diagram of two interlocking circles showing where your story and your customer's story collide

4. Showcase your expertise, knowledge and personality

Your blog is a brilliant place to help potential clients get to know you and how you can help them. One of the benefits of blogging is being able to showcase your talents and personality. 


Case studies make for excellent blog posts. They enable your potential clients to see how you have helped someone in the same situation as them. 


You can share insights into how you work and your approach, as well as referring to experiences and achievements in your writing.

5. Your blog is your treehouse

Your business blog is where you can share your ideas and your opinion on what is happening in your industry. It’s your place, your voice, your topics of conversation, your rules.


That means you can use it to talk about the topics you want to talk about. You don’t have to be led by other people. You don’t have to blend in. Blogging effectively means standing out by creating original content your way. You want to get those messages across clearly and show the people you want to work with that you have something specifically for them.

A circular treehouse with a pointed roof on a platform in the woods
What would your dream treehouse look like? I rather like this one. Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash.

6. Encourage people to take action

An effective blog post sparks action. If it’s entertaining then that action is laughter. Ideally though, you want people to go beyond that. You want them to subscribe, you want them to tell their friends about you and encourage them to read too. 

Other actions you can encourage your reader to do:

  • Be inspired and pledge to take an action, such as implementing one of your tips
  • Read more by looking at another article
  • Click to find out more about your service
  • Clicking a link to a resource you have directed them to


7. Write for different stages of the buying cycle

You clients will have different needs. Some will be just starting to research their issue, at the other end of the spectrum, some will be ready to buy. This is the buying cycle, or customer journey.


Use your blog to write for people at different stages of this cycle so that you have relevant content for everyone. 

Blogging effectively can lead to organic sales

Your blog is a silent sales person working away in the background for you. It’s a gentle way to get sales. They might not be immediately obvious but your blog provides those 8 to 15 touch points people need with your brand before they are prepared to buy from you. 


When you combine your blog with email marketing and social media marketing so that your name keeps turning up on people’s screens and giving them value, you become memorable. People tuck your business name away in their minds until they are ready to make a purchase. Not everyone who reads your blog will become a customer but by blogging effectively you increase the chances of your efforts leading to leads. 

Do you want 1:1 support to blog effectively?

It’s all very well knowing the theory, but what does blogging effectively look like for you and your business? If you would like personalised support to draw up a strategy for your business blog, actually get the articles written and published, and join the dots of content marketing then my Content Accelerator is for you. Get the details here ⤵️

Deep focus on who you are and who you serve

Develop your key messages and how they fit together

Discover how to create engaging content marketing

Explore your stories and how you can use them

Link your content marketing to your services

Make everything you produce work hard for you

Deep focus on who you are and who you serve

Develop your key messages and how they fit together

Discover how to create engaging content marketing

Explore your stories and how you can use them

Link your content marketing to your services

Make everything you produce work hard for you

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Rachel Extance

Award-winning journalist and blogger. I help service-based business owners communicate who they are, what they do, and why. If you struggle to talk about yourself on your website or your content marketing, get in touch with me.

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