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If you don't tell your stories, no-one will ever know them

Are you a best kept secret? Are you doing great work but unable to communicate it clearly to a wider audience?

Stories help people get to know you, the work you do, and how it is relevant to them, in an engaging way. 

We are conditioned to learn through stories. When you were little and someone started to say, “once upon a time…” you settled down to listen, eager to find out what was going to happen. That hasn’t changed. 

The stories I help businesses tell don’t start “Once upon a time…”, although yours can if you would like it to. But they do get people to pay attention to what you have to say and help them see the world through your eyes. 

Your business has lots of stories. I will help you tell them.

Rachel Extance
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About Rachel Extance

I am a communications specialist with 15 years experience in print, digital and social media. I enjoy helping people to tell their story.

I work with you to truly get to know your organisation and who you are trying to reach. I create engaging campaigns which will appeal to your target audience.

My clients benefit from my experience as a professional journalist, my research skills, my training as a social media manager and my ongoing learning about new developments in my field. I enjoy learning about new topics and am adept at explaining complex issues to the general public.


My Media Career

I am an award-winning journalist who has worked on newspapers across the UK.

I’ve covered lots of great stories, often getting the front page. I’ve reported on topics from social issues and the regeneration of towns and cities to national and European elections. One of my proudest achievements was a campaign which won free bus travel for thousands of people. I have a wide range of interviewing experience including cabinet ministers, business leaders and celebrities.

I have had many roles in newspapers including being on the newsdesk, deciding which stories will be going in the next day’s paper, editing copy and working with journalists, photographers and sub-editors.

It was clear early on in my career that digital was going to play a key role in the future of news. After working on the newsdesk, I moved across to editing newspaper websites, deciding which stories would go where, breaking news online, and teaching reporters how to write for the web and use social media.

I now use my experience, nose for a good story, and focus on how issues relate to people, to help businesses with their communications.

Murray Morse and Rachel Extance take the bus fares petition to 10 Downing Street

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