What to do if you want to make your content marketing boat go faster​

Recently, I was asked why I started Rachel’s Writing Club and how it fits in with my other services. 

If you’ve never met me before, Rachel’s Writing Club is a great way to get to know me and get a feel for how I can help you. It is low cost (£19 a month) and light touch. Come along and write with us on a Monday or bring something to a co-working session and you will create something that raises your visibility.


What the Club doesn’t do is give you strategy or feedback. If you want to get serious about your content marketing then I have 1:1 services to help you achieve your goals.


Here are two ways I can help you. The first is done with you and the second is done for you. Both will save you time and enable you to share your message clearly and raise your visibility so you can attract more opportunities.

If you want to focus on your content creation for 3 months and get a process you can use on repeat, come and join Kickstart

A computer screen showing the course platform. A second screen shows a still from a video guide to help you write your blog post. A third screen shows me. I will give you feedback on your articles, and a deadline to write them so you get accountability. Behind the computer screens is a snapshot of 3 workbook covers: write an engaging case study, share your origin story, and sales page supporter.
What's inside Kickstart Your Marketing

Not sure where to start with blogging? Or find you keep stop, starting? Then Kickstart Your Marketing will get you writing and enable you to share your message with the world and raise your visibility.


You get a process you can use on repeat to write 6 key types of articles for your business and deadlines to keep you accountable so you actually do the writing. I’ll give you feedback on each article you write during the 3 months so you have confidence to go ahead and press publish. You want that time and effort to lead to website visitors and so I’ll walk you through making the most of your articles so they work hard for you for years to come.


The next round starts on September 18th and runs until mid-December. Wouldn’t it be lovely to end the year knowing you had written 6 brilliant articles that help your clients and link directly to your services!

Are you struggling to write or just can't find the time?

If you find you are staring at a blank screen and wish someone would just get your writing done for you, then come and have a chat to me. I write using your words (I interview you) and in your voice.


I can write:

  • New website copy. Does your website still represent what you do? If you’re not sharing it because the messaging is off, then it’s time for a rewrite. I have a straightforward, stress-free process for you to get new website copy.
  • Sales pages. Are you launching a new offer? You want to go to market with it and you’d like a sales page to send people to. I will write it for you. I can also do you a brochure if you have options or want to give people something they can share with other stakeholders.
  • Blog posts. We’ll put a strategy together for you and then I will interview you about the topics and write the articles for you. I have limited availability for this. Message me if you’re interested.

If you’d like a chat about what is happening in your business and which of these options would be the best fit for you, then get in touch with me.

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Rachel Extance

Award-winning journalist and blogger. I help service-based business owners communicate who they are, what they do, and why. If you struggle to talk about yourself on your website or your content marketing, get in touch with me.

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