Are you finding it hard to write about yourself?

I use my journalism skills to help you write about who you are, what you do, and why your clients will want to work with you.

Photo of Rachel Extance speaking at Cambridge Social Media Day. Photo by Jemima Willcox

Are you staring at a blank screen? Or have you got various half-finished drafts that you keep meaning to work on? You know what you do for your clients but you can’t find the words or the time to write them. It’s so frustrating!

Digital Women Awards 2020 Winner

I work with you to write about you and your business in your own words and make them resonate with your ideal customer. I know what it’s like to run a business, and I create a safe space for you to share ideas and think things through.

If you want to:

  • Get clarity about how you communicate what your business does
  • Write relevant and engaging content that grabs your readers’ attention
  • Have a website that sells your offers
  • Stop writing for your business always being sat at the bottom of your task list

Let’s have a chat! If you’re not ready for that yet, take a look through my blog posts, explore my services below, or get to know me on Instagram

Website Copywriting

A collaborative copywriting service giving you the pages you need to market your business, from a bio to a full website. All copy is written with your ideal clients in mind.

A photo of hands on a laptop keyboard.
A photo of hands on a laptop keyboard.


Make your blog work for you. You know how good blogging is for your business but it’s just not happening. Whether you need accountability, or a helping hand, I’ll give you the support you need.

Do You Ever Wonder What A Journalist Would Ask You?

I’m an award-winning journalist and blogger working with business owners who want to share their expertise, build a reputation and attract clients.


My audience-focused approach uses storytelling to craft messages that speak to your ideal clients, tapping into what motivates them. I work with you to get to know your organisation and who you are trying to reach. I pay attention to the needs and experiences of your audience and draw them into your message.

Photo shows Rachel Extance speaking at Cambridge Social Media Day. Photo by Jemima Willcox
Mock up showing pages from 9 Ways To Tell Your Story on laptop, tablet and smartphone screens

Are you lost for words when it comes to talking about yourself?

Get inspiration for stories you can share which help people get to know you and spark conversations in this free ebook. 

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