Tell stories that get you noticed

Learn how to use business storytelling to create great content marketing and attract your ideal customers.

Create great content which builds your business

Have you ever wondered what a journalist would ask you in an interview? Work with me and you’ll find out as we create great content which tells your stories and builds your business.

I will give you confidence in the words you are using on your website, help you create articles which drive traffic to it, and spot opportunities to help your customers by seeing what you offer from their point of view.

We will work together to develop your stories. These build your authority, position you as an expert, and let people get to know, like and trust you.

I’ll free up your time (no more staring at a blank computer screen wondering what to write), give you a sounding board for your content ideas, and give you the accountability you need to succeed with your content marketing.

“I have always struggled to find the right words to talk about my business and I’ve always felt like the copy on my website is a work in progress. I don’t feel like that now and that’s because Rachel finds the right words and the right voice for me.”

“When I needed proofreading services for a client project I went straight to Rachel. I knew her name from her Cambridge News days and as I expected she was professional, knowledgeable and reliable in her service. I wouldn’t hesitate to bring Rachel in on future projects.”

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