Successful businesses tell stories.

I will tell yours.

Do you struggle to explain what you do? Are you wondering how to attract more people to your website, get more media coverage or how to use social media to help build your business? I work with businesses and organisations to create communications strategies which will get you noticed by the right people: your potential customers.

I write compelling stories which show people how your work is relevant to them. People use stories all the time to make sense of their lives. Corporate storytelling is powerful. It shapes views, alters opinions and influences how we feel. The stories we tell each other – and ourselves – change our world. 

As a professional journalist I know how to tell insightful and engaging stories. I help you to identify and use the right platforms and media to reach your target audience, to drive sales and increase your reach to future customers. Get in touch with me today to talk about how to tell your story.

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How are you going to tell your story to your customers? You need a plan. I help you map out what messages you are going to use, your tone of voice, which platforms are best suited to your business and how you are going to use them.

Does everyone know who you are, what you do and why? Choosing the right words to talk about your business is vital to your success. I help businesses tell their story and show their audience why the work they do matters.

Is your story clear? Have you written with your audience in mind? Get a second pair of eyes on what you have written with my editing and proofreading service. 

"Rachel wrote some articles for me which were a great read and totally to brief. She is a pleasure to work with and carries out all work exactly as needed and within deadline. I thoroughly recommend her for all writing and social media work."
Cathy Wassell
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My approach

Rachel Extance

Rachel Extance

I believe communications should be relevant and engaging. No-one is going to read something unless it catches their attention.

I work with you to find out what your organisation does, how it works and what the objective of your communications strategy is. I look at what your unique selling point is, who your ideal customers are, and what your tone of voice is.  By getting to know you and your audience I create relevant, engaging communications which tell your story.

My clients benefit from my experience, knowledge and creativity. I want you to succeed in your goals.

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Rachel Extance

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