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I’m Rachel and I help businesses use stories to reach a wider audience for their work and ideas.

My business is called The Story Cave because humans have been explaining the world around them through stories since we first sat around fires. Then we shared them through paintings on cave walls. Now we tell them on different walls. We put them on screens, paper, through buildings, and public spaces, as well as telling them whenever we get together.

Harness the power of storytelling for your business

When President Kennedy announced there would be a man on the moon by the end of the decade in 1961, it was impossible. NASA hadn’t any plans in place. JFK’s speech told a story about leadership, America’s place in the world, use of talent and resources. He created a new vision of the future. In 1969 Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed the Eagle on the moon.

A story put humans on the moon. Think what stories can do for your business.

What do you want to do today?

Create great content and publish it consistently

Book a 1-1 consultation call with me and we’ll work out a plan for the best way for you to tell your story. 

Learn what the stories are in your business

I offer training and workshops to help people understand how stories help businesses get their message across, what stories you can tell and where to share them.

Hire a writer or editor

I can write about your work on your behalf including blog posts, articles for publication, and press releases.  

If you have an article, press release, or paper you would like edited, I can help with that too. 

Now booking: business storytelling workshops

I’m running two business storytelling workshops in Cambridge during autumn 2019. Book tickets by clicking on the images below.

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    Get a journalist's perspective

    I bring a journalist’s perspective to your organisation. I listen to you, get to know your stories, and who you want to tell them to. Then I help you create stories your target audience will relate to.

    People work with me to: 

    • Learn how to tell a good story so they can use them on their website, social media platforms, in articles and scripts.
    • Use stories to educate people about their field of work and share their expertise.
    • Free up their time. I can write to your brief and deadline. If you don’t want people to know I’ve written something for you, that’s no problem. 
    • Feel confident in their writing. Press publish knowing your content has been reviewed by a professional.
    • Create great content to share with their audience.
    • Have a sounding board. Someone to listen to their ideas and help them develop them for their audience.
    • Get accountability. Do you find writing keeps slipping down your task list? I’ll ensure you are regularly creating material for your audience.
    Rachel Extance

    Work with me to be confident in your writing, publish consistently and have more time for the things you enjoy doing in your business, while telling stories which resonate with your clients. 

    My popular guides to help you start telling business stories

    Listen to Rachel Extance talking about business storytelling on the Marketing Development Podcast

    Why do you need to tell stories?

    We all remember stories. From Little Red Riding Hood to the Tortoise and the Hare. These are not just children’s tales. They’re a means of teaching abstract concepts. 

    Stories are powerful

    Stories shape our view of the world. They bring us together and help us find our tribe, the people who truly get who we are.

    Stories create connections

    A good story will stay with us long after we have heard, seen or read it. Stories create touch points, making you memorable.

    Stories about your business give your customers insight

    People buy from people. Stories take your customers behind the scenes and let them get to know you and what your values are.

    Business stories help you talk about your 'why'

    What are your customers’ stories? How do they use your products or services? What impact do you have on people’s lives?

    Successful businesses tell stories. Are you ready to tell yours?

    What are the benefits of storytelling in business?

    Every business has stories to tell. Stories about who they are, why they are, what they do and the people they serve. Stories help people relate to your business, they create emotional connections and they help explain complex concepts in a way our brain finds very easy to understand.

    Telling stories is a great way to make an impact and raise brand awareness. Think of your favourite advert and the story it tells you. How does it make you feel? Can you put yourself into the story? Great stories are persuasive, compelling and memorable.

    Humans have been telling stories for thousands of years. From oral storytelling, through to rock art, and then the development of writing, our ancestors used stories to help explain the world around them. We still do this today. We tell our children fairy stories and folktales which inspire and delight them as well as teaching them about good and bad behaviour. As adults we continue to be gripped by compelling stories whether on the news, at the cinema, in books and on TV. As a business owner you can harness the power of storytelling to reach a wider audience for your work and ideas.

    I help you to make business storytelling part of your marketing strategy. I work with you to tell your story and use it across all your communication channels from your social media bios to your digital content and traditional media. Get in touch with me today and start using stories to grow your business.