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I enable entrepreneurs to feel confident writing about themselves and using their stories to build relationships with their customers.

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Tell your stories and create engaging content marketing

Do you have a blog on your website but you’re not sure what to write about and so you don’t? 

Perhaps you need help to write copy for your website. Or you’re wondering what storytelling is all about. People seem to talk about storytelling a lot but it’s hard to pin them down on what it means.

I’m here to give you practical advice on how to create engaging content marketing, use stories to grow your business, and talk about yourself. I provide business storytelling strategy and training, copywriting, blog writing, and coaching

“Rachel wrote some articles for me which were a great read and totally to brief. She is a pleasure to work with and carries out all work exactly as needed and within deadline. I thoroughly recommend her for all writing and social media work.”

Cathy Wassell

“My LinkedIn content is getting more organic reach and my website has had a refresh. I would wholeheartedly recommend Rachel’s services for anyone seeking to get more reach and audience engagement through better storytelling!”

James Meads
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Are you wondering what stories you can tell? Get some ideas here!

Stories help people get to know, like and trust you. They change your business from being abstract into something people need to have in their lives, and you into someone they’ll chat to as a friend. Find your stories and how to tell them effectively.

Do you need someone who can come up with the right words? Whether you are looking for website copy, blogs, or creating marketing materials for your business, I can help. Take a look at my copywriting services.

Are you writing your own material but would like someone to give you a guiding hand? I can help you:

  • Develop a content marketing strategy 
  • Improve your blog to drive more traffic to it
  • Help you get your message across

Find out more about coaching.

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How to tell stories for each stage of the customer journey

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Nicole Osborne: using storytelling to build your personal brand

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Beautiful constraints: how lockdown can inspire delight

What my son’s school has taught me about storytelling during lockdown – and some ideas for how you can apply it to your business. I went to San Diego Zoo recently. My children watched the penguins being fed and then saw a sleeping polar bear.  How did we do this on lockdown? My son’s school

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