A conversation that led me to a new life

More than 5 years ago, someone started me on the road to running my own business. Recently, I met them in person for the first time. I had no idea when I first spoke to Ruth where that conversation would lead me.


I was on maternity leave from my job working in digital media in 2016. I was keen to keep up with changes to social media while I was away from work, when I saw an advert for Digital Mums. It was a 6 month programme for women who wanted to learn social media management and work flexibly. You worked with a real business and ran a campaign for them once you had done the training. The whole programme was geared around the juggle of parenting and work.

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When I applied I was interviewed by Ruth. I was terribly nervous but it went well and I got a place. I started the course, and in the first week I was called into work to be told my role was being made redundant. It was a shock! All I had ever wanted to be was a newspaper journalist.


But at the same time, I knew the demands of the job weren’t great when you’re trying to get out the office door to pick up a child from nursery. I’d been wondering what else was out there in the world. Part of the offer I signed up for was to be matched with your first client at the end of the programme.


I decided to take a leap and see where Digital Mums would take me. I worked with a lovely company making organic baby massage oils during the course and then afterwards I worked on a European project conducting research into people’s responses to Industry 4.0. I got to go to the European Parliament, a long held ambition of mine since I had first reported on European elections as a cub reporter in the early 2000s.


Over time, I realised that social media wasn’t really where I wanted to work. People kept asking me to write so I pivoted to copywriting. I’d also realised from meeting lots of business owners at networking events that many people didn’t know what their stories were or how to tell them. This led to the creation of The Story Cave, a place where business owners can use storytelling to create website copy and blog articles their clients find relevant and engaging.

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Ruth and I met at the Digital Women Awards 2021 in London. She was shortlisted for the Role Model of the Year award and I was a finalist in the Blogger of the Year category. Ruth inspires women to believe in themselves and play bigger in business. She hosts the Inspiring Women In Business podcast and runs the The Online Business Collective Membership.


Neither of us won but it was wonderful to talk about the last five and a half years and what we’d been up to since we first met on a Google Hangout call in 2016.

Was there a conversation that led you to where you are now? Let me know in the comments.

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Rachel Extance

Award-winning journalist and blogger. I help service-based business owners communicate who they are, what they do, and why. If you struggle to talk about yourself on your website or your content marketing, get in touch with me.

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