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9 Ways To Tell Your Story

Are you wondering what to say about yourself on your About page or how to share stories about yourself and your work on social media or email?


This free ebook is full of inspiration.

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No more wondering what to say

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Your stories help people get to know you

How do you decide who to work with? The person you know, the one you have a connection with and have started talking to. Sharing your stories enables you to start build relationships. 

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Hi, I'm Rachel

I meet so many business owners who aren’t sure what their stories are, or even if they have them. 


No matter what your business does, you will have stories to tell and these help people get to know you, what you do, and how it helps them. 


I was a journalist for 15 years and so I’m pretty good at spotting stories. This ebook guides you through how you can tell interesting stories about yourself that start conversations.

Rachel Extance