Get more website traffic and help your customers

Does updating your blog keep slipping down your task list? Or perhaps you haven't started blogging yet.

Your blog is a valuable part of your website. It helps you to go into what you do and how you can help people in more detail. It’s a place to share your expertise and give people the opportunity to get to know you. Use your blog well and you will become a trusted source of information. 

It will also bring more traffic to your website over time. By writing about topics effectively, and promoting your articles, you will see the number of visitors rise.

It that sounds daunting, I am here to help. This is the time to get your blog running effectively. We will work together to get you writing regularly, blogging with your audience in mind, and maximising the impact of your articles.

Join my 6-month Blogability programme and you will feel confident about your writing, learn how to structure your articles, and promote them effectively. 


What is working on your blog? Where could you improve? I will audit your blog – or get you set up if you are starting blogging.


We will have a consultation each month about what you are going to write and where you can improve.


Have the confidence to press publish on your articles. I will edit 4 articles a month for you.


Do you find yourself staring at a blank document on your computer, wondering what to write? Where should you start? What will people want to read?

We’re going to get over blank page syndrome. I’ll work with you to learn who your customers are and what their interests are. We will then link these with who you are and what you do. This will enable you to create relevant and engaging blog posts.

I’ll show you how to write compelling articles efficiently. Then I will edit them for you and show you how to get them seen by more people.


We will have an initial conversation to discuss your blog. This will be about 20 minutes.

I will then carry out an audit of your existing blog or help you to get set up. I’ll give you an action plan for us to work on.

We will schedule a one-to-one call each month and arrange when you will send me each month’s articles to edit.

I’ll provide you with the accountability you need to get the writing done and be there for you if you get stuck.

A place on the Blogability programme costs £180 a month.  This is payable in instalments on the 1st of each month.

You can choose to make a one-off up front payment of £995 to cover the full 6 months instead. 

You will write four blog posts a month. This will enable you to publish an article each week, creating a bank of content on a consistent schedule. 

I will give you a deadline for these. It is up to you to meet this.

I will work with you to develop topics for your blog posts.

We will plan each month’s content together.

I will edit up to 4 articles a month, giving you the confidence to press publish on your work.

I’ll show you how to promote your work effectively.

And I’ll give you tips about writing, sourcing information, photos, and social media along the way.

Blogging every week brings more traffic to your website than blogging once a month. You will have regular content which you can use on social media and in company publications, such as your newsletter. 

Content marketing is a long game. It requires commitment and consistency. You will be building an audience for your blog during this time.


Rachel has the wonderful ability to understand what I’m trying to say about my brand and my message and translate it into beautifully created words which make sense!

Learn from an award-winning blogger

I have built my business through blogging and won Blogger Of The Year at the Digital Women Awards 2020. 

I’m also an award-winning journalist. I have always taken an audience-focused approach to my work, looking at what my readers want to know about.

I’ll help you do this with your blog.


Join my Blogability programme today and let’s start creating great content together.