Let's work together to create a great blog that drives traffic to your website

Do you want your blog to bring traffic to your website?

You know blogging can be a powerful part of your business. You enjoy writing but you’re not sure how to make use of your blog, or how to find time for it. 


You want to write articles your audience finds insightful and look forward to reading.


You want your blog to provide material you can use on social media.


You want your blog to bring visitors in to your website.


But you’re not sure what to write about.


You find it hard to make the time to write.


And blogging seems to involve so many other moving parts.


Blogability is here to get your blog on track and working for you.

Rachel Extance

Does your blog need some TLC? Perhaps you haven’t written an article for a while, or you don’t know where to start.


Blog Rescue is a 60 minute strategy session where we delve into what’s working and what you need to focus on. 


At the end I will give you a 12 week plan so you know what to write about and tips for what to do with your articles so they get seen by more people.

Does blogging keep slipping down your task list?


Do you get downhearted when the words don’t flow?


Do you want inspiration and accountability?


Write Now gives you a plan, accountability, and a blogging coach on tap for a whole day PLUS I’ll read through your articles and give you feedback next morning.

A photo of some headphones. Are you listening to feedback?

Do you have a podcast or video show?


We speak at least 100 words a minute. That’s a lot of great content which you could be making use of on your blog or as social media posts. 


I take your scripts (or transcripts) and turn them into valuable, searchable, shareable, written content.