Let's work together to make your business blog work for you

Do you want your blog to market your business for you?

You know blogging can be a powerful part of your business. You enjoy writing but you’re not sure how to make use of your blog, or how to find time for it. 

✔️ You want to write articles your audience finds insightful and look forward to reading.

✔️ You want your blog to provide material you can use on social media.

✔️ You want your blog to bring visitors in to your website.


🤔 You’re not sure what to write about.

🤔 You find it hard to make the time to write.

🤔 And blogging seems to involve so many other moving parts.

Blogability is here to get your blog on track and working for you. Get a strategy with Write Now, help to write during Your Blog Counts, or ask me to get your thoughts out of your head and write for you. I can also help you make the most of your podcast or Youtube show by repurposing your scripts.

Rachel Extance

How can I help you?

A woman working. Photo by Corinne Kutz on Unsplash

Are you wondering what to do with your business blog?

You know it can play a valuable part in your business but you are not sure what to write about or how it fits in to your marketing. 

Spend a day with me and we will look in depth at your business and get clear on your message.

We will develop a plan for how you can write articles which showcase your knowledge, expertise, and experience. 

If you are resurrecting your blog or you have recently renosed your business, this is the place to start.