Let's work together to create a great blog that drives traffic to your website

DO you have a blog on your website but rarely update it?

You want more people to come to your website and know you need to drive traffic to it but blogging seems like hard work.

What do you write?

How do you make use of it?

What if people think your blog is boring?

You need Blogability: a 6-month coaching programme that will take your blog from sitting unloved in a corner to working away bringing potential customers into your website.

Rachel Extance



What is working on your blog? Where could you improve? I will audit your current articles and give you some pointers on what you could be doing.


We will have a conversation each month about what you are going to write and what to focus on.  No more wondering what to do.


You can  send 4 articles to me each month for feedback before you publish them, and I’ll be in touch if I haven’t seen anything from you.

Get your blog working for you

What are the benefits of Blogability? You will:
  • Know what to write about and why you are writing it.
  • Find out how to drive traffic to your blog and link it to your sales pages.
  • Create articles which reflect your personality and share your knowledge.
  • Get supportive feedback on your writing.
  • Have an editor on hand to give you confidence to press publish.

blogability unpacked

What will you be getting when you join Blogability?

  • An audit of your blog – to see where you are. 
  • A plan – so you know what you are doing
  • Feedback – to help you polish
  • A monthly call to plan ahead and see what works and what doesn’t
  • Support from award-winning journalist and blogger Rachel Extance


Do you find yourself staring at a blank document on your computer, wondering what to write? Where should you start? What people will want to read?

Get past blank page syndrome.

You will get proven techniques that will soon get you coming up with topic ideas, and find out how to write an article easily.

During your monthly one-to-one consultation we will agree what your topics are going to be for each week.

You can also join a live writing session every week so you always know when you are going to write.

Send me your draft articles and I will give you feedback on them before you hit publish.


Write with your audience in mind. If you’re not sure who they are or what they want to know about, we can work on that. 

Sadly, you can’t write an article and assume people will come flooding to read it. You need to go out and show it to people.

You will find out how to get your blog seen by more people.

Discover low-cost (or even free) tools that make this easy and develop a system that works for you.


Your blog is part of your sales and marketing strategy. You will be writing articles which tie in with your offers. 

No slimey sales tactics. No shoehorning mention of products or services in. You will write articles which seamlessly link with what you sell.

Your website will start to act as a silent sales person for you, overcoming client objections, answering questions, inspiring your customers and sharing your knowledge. 

Get clarity on your offers, gain confidence in your writing, and make your website work for you. 


Rachel is an excellent storyteller, but as well as being able to tell her own stories is brilliant at coaching you to make your writing a little bit better. I initially wanted to work with her to proof content, but I hadn’t realised how much more she’d bring – suggesting improvement to flow, areas where I could round out content and powerful headlines.

Clare Williams - Loxley Business Support Ltd

Who are you working with?

Hi, I'm Rachel

Writing for yourself can easily slip down your task list. I get it, there are so many other things to do in your business.

But what if you could make it into a habit? 

What if you found it was something simple you could do every week, use for your social media and email marketing, and show your customers what you have to offer?

I worked as a journalist for 15 years and started blogging when I launched my own business in 2017. I’ve experimented with writing on different platforms; publishing weekly, daily, haphazardly; and writing in different ways. I’ve always focused on being helpful to people.

Over the years, I’ve become known for my blog. People talk about how helpful my articles are. I even won Blogger Of The Year at the Digital Women Awards 2020. 

I use my blog to tell people about my services. It brings organic traffic to my website day in, day out from search engines and social media.

If you would like your blog to bring people to your website, we’ll get a plan in place. I’ll help you figure out what to write about, give your articles a polish, and show you how to share them with your audience.

Frequently asked questions

Blogging has lots of benefits for your business, including driving traffic and answering your customers’ questions without them having to ask you (or them going away because they are too embarrassed or simply don’t want to pick up the phone).

Find out more about 9 benefits of blogging for business.

I don’t have a magic wand but I do offer lots of encouragement, strategies to make it simple, and friendly feedback.

Writing regularly is a habit and the more you do it, the easier it gets. By the end of the 6 months you will have a bank of articles you can use to promote your business and I hope you will want to create more.

If you really don’t like writing, this might not be the programme for you. Take a look at Get Your Story Straight if you would like feedback on articles without a commitment to write every week. 

We’ll meet in my Zoom room and write together at the same time. At the start of the session, you will briefly say what you are planning to get done. The session is one hour. 

At the end, there will be an optional 15 minutes when you can chat to any other participants about how you are getting on with your writing, ask questions, and discuss ideas.

The sessions will take place at the same time each week. I will ask everyone which day works best for them at the start of the programme. I am planning a start time of 9.30am.

Blogging every week brings more traffic to your website than blogging once a month. You will develop a bank of articles which you can use on social media and in company publications, such as your newsletter. 

Content marketing is a long game. It requires commitment and consistency. You will be building an audience for your blog during this time.

You will have an hour-long call at the start of the programme when we will discuss who your customers are, what your business does, and make a plan for your blog. 

We will then have a 30 minute conversation each month to look at how you are progressing and plan the next month’s articles.

I will give you feedback on 4 articles a month.

You will record your baseline stats from Google Analytics at the start of the programme and share them with me. You will update these each month so we can measure the impact of your articles.

A place on the beta of the Blogability programme is a one-off investment of £997.

It covers:

  • A blog audit
  • A monthly one-to-one call
  • A weekly ‘write here, write now’ session
  • Feedback on 4 articles a month


The programme lasts 6 months. After this, you will have made blogging a habit, have ideas for what to write about, and know how to make your articles work for you.

The beta programme will run from September or October 2020. You will be asked for your preferred start date on the inquiry form. I will be in touch to let you know when the programme is due to start at the end of August.

I currently plan to run the next round from January 11.

You are responsible for making time to write. This is a commitment to yourself and your business. 

I will gently remind you, provide encouragement and ideas. But I can’t make you write.

If you decide not to continue your investment is not refundable.

There’s no red pen here. Don’t worry. I know how much effort it takes to write an article and press publish on it. 

Writing takes practice. I’ll make suggestions that you can apply to your work over the course of the 6 months so you can see how your writing has developed. 

I have 5 places available for this programme.

If you take part in the programme fully and your traffic has not increased after 60 days then I will give you your money back.

Let's get your blog going

  • Six months of one-to-one blogging support.
  • Write here, write now sessions every week.
  • Strategies and tips to help you come up with articles which will appeal to your audience, get them written and out into the world.
  • Supportive feedback to give your work a polish.
  • Create a blog that acts as an additional sales person without sounding pushy or sleazy.


  • The support of a fellow business-owner.
  • Someone you can discuss your ideas with.
  • Confidence in your writing.
  • Topics you can also use when you talk to customers face-to-face.
  • Social media advice, if you need it.