Show people what you can do for them

What do you want your website to say?

Are you staring at a blank screen?

Have you hired a website developer and they are asking what you want on the page?

Or you are building the site yourself but the words just won't come.

You are brilliant at what you do but are not sure you have the words to describe it. How do you get across the value you offer? How do you show your customers the benefits of working with you?

That’s where I come in. I will talk to you about who you are, what you do, and who your ideal customers are. Then I will write words for your website that sound like you and help your visitors see what you can do for them.



We’ll have a chat about what you want your website to do and what pages you need writing. Then I will give you a quote.


I will interview you about all aspects of your business. I focus on your customer: what’s in it for them and what do they want to know? 


I will write you draft copy and then we’ll talk through it. I offer up to two revisions of each page so you have plenty of opportunity to say what you want.

your website needs to work

First impressions count with a website – can your visitor immediately see what they are looking for? Is it clear that you can solve their problem? 

A website doesn’t just need to look good, it needs to invite people in. You want them to scroll down and you need them to click. I’ll help you tell a story that gets them to take action.


It depends on your website but as a minimum, you will need a Homepage, About page, and Services or Work With Me page.

Other things to think about are how people will get in touch with you, and how you will get traffic to your site. We can talk about all of these things on your discovery call.

Your site will also need a privacy policy, telling people how you use their information.  There are various legal sites that can help you with this page.

Think about your products and services. Can you group them together easily? Do you want to go into detail about your offers, or is your aim to get someone on the phone having given them enough information that they can see you have an offer for them?

People don’t want to click too often. Map out the simplest way for them to find the information they need and take the action you want.

A blog is a great asset for your website. You can use it to share the latest news about your company and your industry, or to share insights about other topics of interest to your customers. You will gain several benefits from having a blog on your website, including using it to bring in more visitors who are interested in what you do.

If you need someone to write articles for your blog, I can do this for you, or I can help you to do it with my mentoring service Blogability.

Three pages of website copy, usually your Homepage, About, and Services overview, will be £650. Each additional page will be £175. 

We will agree the number of pages before you sign the copywriting contract so you know exactly what you are paying for. 

We will need at least two meetings to get all the information I need for three pages of website copy. Each session will usually be an hour long. 

I will aim to complete a three page website within 8 weeks, including the revisions. You will see draft copy within 3 weeks. You will need to make time for the research interviews and to read and give feedback on the draft copy.

I usually start with your About page and then do the Services or Work With Me/Us page and any pages which go under it. Then I do the Homepage, once I know what all the key messages are.


Rachel has the wonderful ability to understand what i’m trying to say about my brand and my message and translate it into beautifully created words which make sense! She’s created copy for my website, magazine articles, press releases and proofread many of my documents. Rachel has also helped me to be accountable for the content I create and follow through on my goals.

Rachel is an amazing storyteller, I highly recommend her if you need to communicate perfectly what your business is all about.

Jemima Willcox - The Willcox Collective

An experienced writer

I worked as a newspaper journalist in a variety of roles for 15 years. I started as a reporter, moved on to the newsdesk, where we decide what goes in the next day’s paper, and then edited newspaper websites. I know what makes a story and how to think through a website.

As a journalist I had to get to grips with complex concepts quickly and explain them to a lay audience. You get the benefit of my knowledge, experience, and expertise.

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What are your customers looking for?

Knowing what your customers are looking for when they start searching enables you to create a website which meets their needs. I’ll go into detail with you about why your customers will want to buy your service and combine that with keyword research to write in their language with your tone of voice.

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