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So many books, so little time. “What are you reading?” Entrepreneurs ask each other this a lot, along with requests for recommendations. It’s always a conversation which leaves me with lots of titles for interesting books I would like to read noted down, but a feeling of panic about when on earth I am going to read them.

I have a backlog of books downloaded on Audible. I have shelves and shelves of books at home calling out to be read. Walking into Heffers or Waterstones offers temptations galore. But with two young children and a business to run, I have very little time for actually picking up a book. 

It’s the first weekend of the Easter holidays. I have learned that I am not the kind of person who can work with my children around. Trying to concentrate amid calls of “Mummy” makes me stressed, rarely results in productivity and doesn’t create the quality time with my boys which being self-employed was supposed to foster. So now, when my children go on holiday, so do I. It’s not the kind of blissful existence that it would have seemed before I had a family. “Holiday” no longer means lazing around doing exactly as I pleased. But it does mean that when they are in bed, I can enjoy the silence and read a book. 

I’ve chosen three to read over the next fortnight.

A photo of the 3 books I'm reading

Marketing Buzzword To Marketing Authority

Ben Roberts hosts the Marketing Buzzword Podcast. He began noting down ‘buzzwords’ when he started out in marketing but it wasn’t until he was at a conference in 2017, that he got to thinking about what makes a buzzword and the value they bring. 

“One person’s favourite buzzword is another person’s most hated.” – p13

It’s a very readable book which makes the reader think about the language they use to talk about their industry or niche. Are you using terms to set yourself apart? To confuse? Or do you use terms to help people understand how things fit together? 

Buzzwords in the wrong hands become jargon. Meaningless terms bandied about to avoid explaining actions or their relevance. Ben argues that instead buzzwords can be a positive part of how you communicate with others. 

The Alter Ego Effect: the power of secret identities to transform your life

Regular readers of my blog will know that I have written about The Alter Ego Effect before. I heard an interview with its author Todd Herman on Youpreneur.fm a few weeks ago and have been keen to get my hands on the book.

It’s a book for anyone who has been told to ‘grow up’ and leave behind that magical ability of children to be anything they want to be. My son is currently a different animal every 5 minutes.

Todd is a high-performance coach and mental game strategist. In The Alter Ego Effect he explains how to tap back in to our imaginary other selves in order to release our Heroic Self and go fulfill our destiny. I’m looking forward to reading it.

Death At Sea: Inspector Montalbano's early cases

I have enjoyed detective fiction since my Grandad introduced me to his collection of Ellis Peters novels. Marjory Alligham’s Campion and Agatha Christies followed. 

My husband bought me Death At Sea for my birthday last month. I have watched some Inspector Montalbano mysteries on TV but haven’t read any yet. He bought them because they are short stories, so I stand a chance of reading them with the boys around, and because I love Italy. 

I’m about halfway through the first story about a possible arson attack. 

What are you reading at the moment? Let me know in the comments.

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Rachel Extance (photo by Jemima Willcox)

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3 Responses

  1. Hi Rachel! Thanks for the post. I’m interested in reading all three books now.

    I’m curious what made you pick these three (seemingly) unrelated books…. sometimes I go for variety (genre, author etc) but then find that there is interconnection and wonder if you found that.

    I also like variety, reading a few things at once. For instance, on my nightstand now is an Edith Wharton novel, a book on habits, a book on psychology. I pick up one vs. another depending on the day and mood. How do you find that you pick among the three?

    1. These are the 3 most recent books I bought/was given. So in that sense, they’re self-selecting. It’s easy to get paralysed by indecision at the enormity of books not-yet read so I just decided to make a start. I read whatever I feel like and take the opportunity of chapter ends to decide whether to carry on or switch.

  2. I liked your quick breakdown of the book on buzzwords. I’m already thinking of how to apply your short recap to what I do in marketing. I also like that you included a work of fiction, these books don’t get enough credit in adulthood! Your photography in this piece makes me wish I could trade places with you and enjoy a holiday with my favorite books. Tell us your favorite when it’s through!

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