Rachel Extance wins Blogger of the Year

And why I have FOMO about it

Banner for the Digital Women Awards 2020. Photo by Edwin Ladd

At a bar in London one month ago, a group of remarkable people gathered to celebrate the Digital Women Awards 2020. I wasn’t there. I was lying in the dark, on my son’s bedroom floor, waiting for him to go to sleep. I was privileged to be a finalist in the Blogger of the Year category and was watching the event unfold on Twitter. 

This flashed up:

I lay there, staring at it. Then I got a message on Instagram from my friend Faye, who also picked up an award that night, telling me I had won. 

My FOMO (fear of missing out) about not being able to go to the awards and hang out with everyone intensified. 

And then before I could get my hands on my award, the Coronavirus lockdown was put in place. 

The Digital Women Awards. Photo by Edwin Ladd

Have you truly won an award if you weren’t there to pick it up? Did it happen if you’re not in a photo at the event? 

Writers write

I’m delighted to have won Blogger of the Year at the Digital Women Awards. And I’m proud to share the title with Charelle Griffith, who among other wonderful work, runs a book club

I’ve celebrated by writing more. Writers write after all. It’s just what we do. And we write in all kinds of places and about different things. I’ve been writing over on Medium since the lockdown began because I can write about topics which don’t fit with this blog, which is all about storytelling and writing for your business

I’ve written about being a beginner and some unexpected pleasures of lockdown, along with how I’m approaching the rest of the year

And it’s reminded me that while you might think no-one is paying attention to your blog, that’s not the case. As part of my submission for the awards (I was nominated and then asked to supply additional information) I produced comments people had left on my blog and social media about the impact of reading my articles and what I had done next. 

Who are you writing for? What impact do you want your blog to have? I’d like business owners to feel confident talking about themselves and using their stories to build relationships with their customers.

How my award led to a podcast interview

When he heard about the award, Bob Gentle invited me to be a guest on Amplify, the digital marketing entrepreneur podcast. He wanted to talk to me about blogging, and where people get stuck. 

Listen to the interview and please subscribe to Amplify on your favourite podcast app. It’s always an insightful listen. Bob has interviewed lots of great people. There are plenty of interviews in the Amplify playlist to enjoy and take action from. 

Thank you

Thank you for reading. Whether this is the first time you’ve come across something I have written or you are a regular reader, thank you for taking time out of your day to read my blog. Time is precious, and I’m grateful you gave some of it to me. 

Picture of Rachel Extance

Rachel Extance

Award-winning journalist and blogger. I help service-based business owners communicate who they are, what they do, and why. If you struggle to talk about yourself on your website or your content marketing, get in touch with me.

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