A PDF ebook filled with stories you can tell

You have more than one story to tell

Do you struggle to know which stories to tell about yourself?

Or find yourself scratching your head wondering which stories people will find interesting or relevant?

You know you need to write an About page, but what do you put on it?

Your About page will tell one story about you but you have many more to share.

Plot Out Your Stories stops you second-guessing yourself and means you will never run out of ideas for your next article or social media post.

You get your About page written for you and a compilation of stories about your life you can use.



Have you ever wondered what a journalist would ask about your business? I will interview you and show you what your stories are. 


You will think about your offering from your customers’ point of view. Stories need to be relevant and engaging. We’ll focus on what people are looking for from you.


These sessions are a great opportunity to take time out and work on your business. Telling your stories including the different roles you have played  is a very positive experience.

Your about page written

Tell me your stories and I will write your About page for your website (or LinkedIn profile if you prefer) and also give you a PDF ebook filled with stories about you, your work, and how you help your clients. 

You can use these stories to write emails, articles, and social media posts; call on when you’re introducing yourself; or have handy when someone asks about what you do. 

If you don’t write emails or post on social media, this will give you a stock of stories to tell, and give you inspiration for ones you can tell in the future.

What's inside your story swipe file?

Inside your ebook you will find a range of prompts for stories you can tell about different aspects of your life and business.

You will also get a number of ‘hooks’. These are ways of starting a story which will be unique to you. 

You also get guides on:

  • How to tell your origin story (your About page or LinkedIn profile might tell part of this but you have other angles you can tell)
  • Case study tips
  • Storytelling tips

Peek inside a sample ebook

Content creation made easy

My method gives you a range of topics to talk about which you can combine with a number of hooks. 

These provide you with content building blocks. By talking about a number of themes which are relevant to you and your business, your audience will get to know, like and trust you. Your emails, blog and social media posts will remain on brand while keeping your ideal clients’ interest. 

Let's start telling your stories


The first conversation will be an hour and the second will be up to an hour. 

This is a one-off investment of £250.

You are paying for About page copy for your website, or for your LinkedIn profile if you prefer, and for a bespoke portfolio of story ideas. 

You are the only person with your story. No-one else has taken the same path through life as you, or approaches what you do in exactly the same way. I will interview you and learn about your history, business, way of doing things, and who you want to build relationships with.

Book your first consultation session in my calendar using the link on this page. That will take you through to the payment page. We will arrange the second session once I have got your draft About page written and put together your story swipe file.


Rachel took a lot of time to understand who my target audience / clients are. Following my initial consultation, Rachel provided me a huge compendium of suggestions and tips for storytelling ideas and different ways to start a conversation online. I now have a pipeline of 50 blog posts and countless video ideas based on Rachel’s guidance.

My LinkedIn content is getting more organic reach and my website has had a refresh. I would wholeheartedly recommend Rachel’s services for anyone seeking to get more reach and audience engagement through better storytelling!

James Meads - James Meads Consulting

What do your customers want to know about?

I focus on who your customers are. Your marketing is not about you, it’s about the people you want to help. 

What interests your customer? What questions do they have?

Let’s get inside their head and help you build relationships with them.

Bring your customers into your world

Your stories build trust and connection. You are creating a world where you can take the characters on adventures, or help them through tough times. By sharing stories about your life, your business, your experience, and much more, you will build relationships with your email subscribers, social media followers, and wider network.

Let's start putting your stories together

Get the building blocks you need to create original content for your business by plotting out your stories.