Tell your unique stories and stand out

How do you build relationships with people who have never met you? By creating engaging content marketing which makes your prospective customers want to talk to you.

You can use stories to create relevant and engaging articles, social media posts, presentations, and have something to talk about when you’re standing in the coffee queue at an event. 

Plot Out Your Stories involves two consultation sessions with me where we talk about you, your business, and your customers. We work together to come up with a series of topics you can tell stories about and your unique perspective. I’ll give you a portfolio of prompts and hooks you can use to create original content for your business. 


Have you ever wondered what a journalist would ask about your business? I will find your stories.


You will think about your offering from your customers’ point of view.


Time to work on your business and think about your customers’ needs.

Content creation made easy

My method gives you a range of topics to talk about which you can combine with a number of hooks. 

These provide you with content building blocks. By talking about a number of themes which are relevant to you and your business, your audience will get to know, like and trust you. Your blog and social media posts will remain on brand. 


We will have an initial conversation to discuss your objectives. This will be about 20 minutes.

We will then schedule a one hour consultation, followed by a further session of up to an hour.

This is a one-off investment of £220.

You are paying for two consultation sessions with me, after which you will receive a bespoke portfolio of story ideas. This doesn’t just buy my time, but my years of experience as a journalist, my perspective on your business, and the opportunity to talk about what you do with a fellow business-owner. 

I will send you a story swipe-file. This has been written just for you and your business. The story ideas are yours. They reflect who you are, what you do, your experience, and who your customers are. This portfolio will enable you to develop original content marketing for your business, without spending time wondering what to talk about.

You are the only person with your story. No-one else has taken the same path through life as you, or approaches what you do in exactly the same way. I will interview you and learn about your history, business, way of doing things, and who you want to build relationships with.

I usually arrange an initial consultation within 14 days, however that is dependent on workload. I will agree a timetable with you when we speak.


Rachel took a lot of time to understand who my target audience / clients are. Following my initial consultation, Rachel provided me a huge compendium of suggestions and tips for storytelling ideas and different ways to start a conversation online. I now have a pipeline of 50 blog posts and countless video ideas based on Rachel’s guidance.

My LinkedIn content is getting more organic reach and my website has had a refresh. I would wholeheartedly recommend Rachel’s services for anyone seeking to get more reach and audience engagement through better storytelling!

What do your customers want to know about?

I focus on who your customers are. Your marketing is not about you, it’s about the people you want to help. 

What interests your customer? What questions do they have?

Let’s get inside their head and help you build relationships with them.

Let's start putting your stories together

Get the building blocks you need to create original content for your business by plotting out your stories.