I have a secret blog. Here’s why.

“I was intentionally overweight for over 24 years. I never ate anything I didn’t intend to.” The late, great, Zig Ziglar on why you don’t just need a goal, but you need motivation and people to support and help you reach them. I remind myself of this every time I look in the mirror or step on the scales. I’m disappointed with myself but I never took action to change the result.

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Everything starts with that first step, however small it might seem. Writing a blog post or recording a video is not going to change the course of your business overnight. But showing up time and time again, sharing your ideas and letting your potential customers get to know you and what you’re about will gradually build a community of fans around you over time. As Antonio Centeno says, you’ve got to do the reps.

I blog. You can read what I have to say on my business blog, on Medium and LinkedIn. There are also articles I have written floating around on the internet dating back to 2001 in publications from The Guardian to the Lancashire (Evening) Telegraph. I have no problem with sharing my writing in public.

But I also have a secret blog. It’s not a diary. And it’s not for my eyes only. So what is it for?

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I’m a member of a very special accountability group. We meet in the spirit of achieving goals Zig-style. We’re there to cheer each other on and to ask the difficult questions. Each of us chooses a goal, it can be business, it can be personal. We’re all juggling competing demands on our time. We commit to that goal over 5 weeks, setting out a timetable and checking in each week to say how we’re getting on, what stumbling blocks we’ve faced, celebrate our successes and share our fears.

Zig would tell you that: “You’ve got to have those goals.” But you also need accountability. You need someone who has got your back, who will remind you of your pledges to yourself, help you when you veer off course. It’s a gentle nudge that helps you achieve your best.

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