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It’s Thanksgiving today. Weirdly, although it’s a tradition that started in England we don’t celebrate it. I think we should bring it back. In an age when we rush around from one thing to the next, are quick to complain, tired and overwhelmed, taking time to be with those we love and be thankful for what we’ve got is important.

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A quick bit of Wikipedia research has taught me there used to be lots of Days of Thanksgiving. I can’t help thinking we should make them more regular. Yesterday was World Hello Day. An event which should probably be daily.

One of the things I love about blogging is that it is generous. It’s an opportunity to share and help others. My friend May King Tsang tagged a post on Twitter with #HelpShareCollaborate the other day and I thought it was such a wonderful hashtag. We should all be doing things which help each other, share our work and collaborate.

How blogging helps others

Why is someone reading your blog? It’s because you are sharing information or a story they want to read and they trust you to tell them about it. Blogging is there to help. Whether you are talking about your experiences to put others at their ease or you are writing about a topic which frequently comes up in conversation with your customers, you are helping people.

People often don’t blog because they’re not sure what to blog about. Focus on bringing value. What do people want to know about when you’re talking to them about your work? What issues do you see coming up time and time again? How could you help someone avoid a costly mistake or save time researching a topic you know well.

For instance, one of my most popular blog posts is about how to use Twitter to meet people in a new location.

Sharing is caring

It’s a corny phrase but in our internet world, sharing is caring. Ideas are spread by people. If you know someone who is doing something brilliant, talk about it. Blogging enables you to share good practice and tell stories about other people’s work.

Often people think blogging is navel-gazing. But blogging should look outwards. What have you read recently in your field that made you cheer? (Either out loud or a quiet yay to yourself.)

Share what others are doing. Make connections between different pieces of work. Show how someone else’s article or video helps your customers. Don’t assume everyone has already read that article or knows that information.

Take the opportunity to introduce ideas to a new audience. And add to what’s already there. Talk about why what you’re sharing is of benefit to others and layer in your own views. Then you’re not just sharing, you’re creating a conversation. Your blog should be a talking point. No, everyone won’t agree with you but that’s alright.

Talking about great ideas from other people is always easier than trying to generate them yourself. Blogging about industry events you have been to helps share people’s ideas more widely and benefits those who couldn’t get here. An example of this is my write-up of Youpreneur Summit a few weeks ago. I wrote it so it didn’t matter if you were there, wanted to be there but couldn’t, or had never heard of it.

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Use blogging to collaborate

Blogging is a great opportunity to work with people you admire. The same can be true of podcasting, going live on Facebook or hosting a youtube channel. You can ask someone to contribute to your blog or guest blog for you.

Sharing ideas is a great way to spot potential opportunities for collaboration. You are helping someone reach a new audience, sharing their ideas and working together to create something new. That’s a great achievement.

An example of this was when Rachel Amphlett kindly shared her tips on how to make your business blog a bestseller.

And don’t forget to share other people’s blogs on your social media. The more you share ideas, the more conversations you will have and we won’t need World Hello Day anymore.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my blog, share my articles and reply. I really appreciate it. If you are celebrating Thanksgiving I hope you have a wonderful time.

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Rachel Extance helps business tell their stories so they can reach a wider audience for their work and ideas. A professional journalist, she knows how to write stories people find relevant and engaging. If you would like help to get your message across, need someone who can write articles for you regularly, or you would like actionable ideas for how to tell more people about what you do, get in touch by emailing or contact her on social media.

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2 Responses

  1. Appreciate the mention Rachel.
    #HelpShareCollaborate was a hashtag born from a Facebook group I created 8 years ago in Australia and helps to echo my mission and vision for the group.

    Another great blog post Rachel. And thank you again for the tag.

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone that celebrates.

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