Why thinking ‘mobile’ matters

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Are you reading this on mobile, desktop or tablet?

I need to apologise to more than 60% of my readers. Why? Because yesterday’s blog post about sidebars didn’t make any sense if you were reading it on a mobile.

I talk about focusing on your audience a lot – and then I forgot about which devices people would be reading my blog on. I only realised my mistake when I got this tweet:

The majority of people coming to my site are usually on their phones. Here’s the split between mobile, desktop and tablets over the past 28 days from Google Analytics. Almost two-thirds of my traffic comes from mobile devices, compared to almost 30% on desktop.

Screenshot of how many people come to my site from mobile 65%, desktop 29% and tablets 5%

I write my blog posts on my laptop and my mental image of my website is the desktop version. However most people who see my site actually see the mobile version. This is important to remember when you’re creating website copy because it may not appear to the reader how you envision it.

Your website needs to be mobile friendly

This website is responsive, which means the layout adjusts to fit the screen size it is being displayed on. The sidebar is a good example of how this works. If you are on desktop, you will see it on the right hand side of your screen but if you are looking at my website on a smartphone, all of that content will be below the comments box.

Google now penalises?website which are not mobile friendly by pushing them further down the search results. It works on giving people the best answers to their search queries. If you land on a site where you have to pinch in or slide across and down to read the site and then slide around looking for the menu to read the next thing, you are not going to have a great experience of the site.

You content matters – and so does the user experience of your site. Apologies again to anyone who read yesterday’s post and felt confused. I won’t forget you again.


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