What do you like to see in a sidebar?

A photo of a woman working on a laptop in a cafe by Bonnie Kittle on Unsplash
Do you take notice of what’s around the article you’re reading?

I’ve been working on my website today and one of the things I’m keen to do is make it more readable. Blogging every day is a commitment and there’s not much point if people don’t enjoy the reading experience.

I’ve read a few things this week which have railed against blog posts which cover the full width of the screen. It came up as one of Chris Marr’s 15 things he’s tired of telling bloggers this morning too. So I’m experimenting and going back through my posts and putting sidebars in. It’s a work in progress so you may click on an old one and find it’s too wide.

This begs a question or two: do you prefer to read narrower posts? And what should I do with the sidebar? It’s a big long space to fill on a 500+ word piece.

Answers in the comments or on my Facebook page please! Do you want links to more things to read? Images? Contact details? Something else? Let me know! I’d be interested to hear the things you don’t like too!

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