What do you want to upgrade in 2022?

There’s an awful lot of talk about goal setting and what you want to do differently at the start of the year. I view it as a time to reset, mainly by doing nothing for a week if I possibly can. It gives my brain a chance to rest.

As December crossed into January this time I found myself requisitioning my children’s Christmas presents. There’s a sewing kit which is slightly too advanced and involves a lot of dull (mindful) stitching before you can get on to the more fun (and smaller) parts of the project. Then there’s the Rubik’s cube. I never had one as a child. I’ve managed to get as far as completing the white side but after that I’m baffled. It’s taken me two weeks to figure it out so far. I like that they are engrossing activities that don’t involve a screen and they make me think in different ways. I’ve not got into meditation so far but this feels like a way of switching off, or at least changing gear.

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Something I have learned about myself is that New Year Resolutions barely last a week, and often don’t get started at all. No change of date on the calendar leads to sudden motivation to do something I wasn’t doing before. Public accountability doesn’t work for me either. It just leaves me feeling awkward as I don’t do what I said I would do, which I had layered on top of the things I’m already doing.

During December I picked up Lizzy Goddard’s Christmas Party Goody Bag where she invites people in her community to contribute courses. You sign up and then choose which courses in the goody bag you want to access. The first one that caught my eye was Lizzy’s Anti-Planning Workshop. I don’t want to add extra things to my plate in the form of Goals. If anything, I want less things to keep track of.

I’m writing this on my son’s birthday and I was chatting to a friend yesterday and reeled off all the things I needed to get done last night. “I can hear the life admin weighing down,” she replied. We overload ourselves with many more things to do than can possibly fit into 16 hours or 5 working days.

One of the tips Lizzy shared, which she said she picked up from Denise Duffield-Thomas, is to upgrade aspects of your life. I really like this idea. It’s not about starting a new thing. It’s not loading yourself up with more activities. It’s looking at something you already do and thinking, ‘how could I make this a little bit better?’

I’ve found this video with Denise talking about this in more detail if you’d like to know more. It should start at the right point, but if not, it’s 43.03 minutes in. 

You can upgrade anything you like, it doesn’t have to be to do with your business. For example, it sounds daft, but we started by rearranging the kitchen so that the food prep areas work better for us and we finally came up with a solution for where to store our cookery books. It doesn’t make any difference to anyone else, but it makes the kitchen more practical for us. Instead of mindlessly scrolling on social media, I’m trying to pick up the Rubik’s cube when I’m sitting on the sofa.

What do you want to upgrade in 2022? Let me know in the comments.

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