Is it raining on your parade?

Ah the British weather. Mid-June and it’s raining. Actually it’s pouring. So much for the summer. After weeks of good weather, sun tan lotion, hats and ice creams, we’re back in jumpers and coats. We woke up to rain on Saturday morning. A day when we were due to take part in our local carnival … Read more

My husband's copy of Good Omens

How we layer stories to communicate ideas

I’ve been looking forward to watching Good Omens for months. Not only is it by two of my favourite authors, Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, but it stars many of my favourite actors including the brilliant Michael Sheen and David Tennant.  Now I have a confession: I have never read Good Omens. As it’s half-term … Read more

91% of B2B purchases are word of mouth

Are your customers talking about you?

How do you know if you are part of someone’s story? Last week I wrote about what it means to become part of someone else’s story. One of my readers, Tamara, commented: “The only part I wish I had more of here was a bit more about where to begin or where to look to start to … Read more

A photo of the 3 books I'm reading

What I’m reading on holiday

So many books, so little time. “What are you reading?” Entrepreneurs ask each other this a lot, along with requests for recommendations. It’s always a conversation which leaves me with lots of titles for interesting books I would like to read noted down, but a feeling of panic about when on earth I am going … Read more

A photo of some headphones. Are you listening to feedback?

Why you need to stop dodging feedback

How do you feel about feedback? Relaxed? Or do you get a knot in the pit of your stomach at the mention of it? Is it something you give and receive regularly or reserved for a once-a-year-let’s-get-this-over-with-exercise? I realised recently that I have been avoiding feedback. Actually I’ve known it for a while but such … Read more

How Andrew and Pete use stories to spark action

I saw the power of stories in action on stage at Atomicon yesterday. I obviously don’t need convincing about how stories prompt people to take action but it’s always great to see it happening live. Andrew and Pete‘s opening keynote for their epic conference Atomicon was a masterclass. If you haven’t heard of Atomicon, it … Read more

A photo of superhero comics in a bookstore by Lena Rose. Who did you want to be?

Why Martin Luther King wore glasses

What superpower did you wish for when you were a kid? I always wanted to fly like Superman.  What superpower do you wish you had now? Who did you want to be? I’ve been catching up on one of my favourite podcasts this weekend, One of the episodes I listened to was a great … Read more