Photo of a copy of The Hueys in the New Jumper

How trying to be different can make you just the same

How do you make your business stand out from the crowd? What makes people want to do business with you? It’s something we all grapple with as business owners. And we’re constantly bombarded with messages from other people. Those adverts that pop up on Facebook from the ‘guru’ or ‘maven’ (what is one of those?) … Read more

Paul Ince opens MarketEd.Live 2018

MarketEd.Live 2018: the future of marketing is personal

People should be at the heart of marketing. That’s the key message from speakers at MarketEd.Live 2018, which took place at Nottingham Contemporary on September 25. Sounds obvious doesn’t it? As host Paul Ince said when he kicked off the event: “what is marketing if it’s not people talking to people?” So perhaps I should … Read more

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How to write a B2B case study

Case studies are a useful means of showing potential clients or investors how you have helped your customers. Follow these steps to create case studies which are to the point and tell your story. Skip the introduction Often case studies start by telling the story of who the client is, what their background is, how … Read more

My copy of Steal Like An Artist

Learning to listen to my intuition

How often do you listen to your intuition? Mine’s been telling me something’s missing for a while now. There’s been a nagging feeling at the back of my mind. Something I’m not doing. I recently came across Zig Ziglar’s Wheel Of Life. As followers of this blog will know, I’ve been attempting to improve my … Read more

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A story that changed me

People often ask me what this storytelling business is all about. I was recently asked to think about a book that changed me. I was bamboozled by the question at first. Which book should I choose? I am a perpetual student, I’m always learning about something. But a book which taught me about a subject … Read more

Image of Small Business Marketing Bootcamp website

Hit your goals with the Small Business Marketing Bootcamp

I’m very excited to announce I have joined the team for the Small Business Marketing Bootcamp. This is a great course for people who don’t want to learn theory, walk out of the door and find they don’t ever look at the notes again, despite best intentions. We’re not going to let you do that. … Read more

A photo of mug with 'begin' written on it. I love this mug! What a great message to have while you're drinking your coffee. Photo: Danielle Macinnes

Setting my goals for a 4 week sprint

It’s time to nail some actions. I’m lucky to be very busy at the moment but I’m aware freelance life has its ups and downs so I’m taking the time to plan some next steps – and complete them. One of the things I need to get back into is going out and meeting people … Read more

A photo of a woman holding a calendar saying January 1

Hitting the reset button

I’m starting my year again. There’ll be no re-watch of Jools Holland but I am resetting the clock on 2018. I started the year (originally) with good intentions and some ambitious targets, not least blogging every day for 12 months. But just as things seemed to be slotting into place, I got one of those … Read more

A photo of Jo Bryant with one of her puppets

Making time to be creative

  I made a puppet today. My favourite networking group, Drive, invited Jo Bryant from The Hands On Company to run a workshop on business values with a difference – she brought along a bag of furry friends. Jo uses puppets to help people think through things and we all got to make our own little … Read more

A photo of a tin of Spam.

Spam! (No, this isn’t about Monty Python sadly)

Today’s blog is a little bit of a rant. I came back to my blog after a few days away and found I had been bombarded with spam comments. The messages are quite frankly bizarre, some don’t even make sense. But still they keep coming. Why? Why do people do it? Well, I know why. … Read more

A photo of someone climbing out of a hole. This sums up how I feel at the moment! Picture by Simone Acquaroli on Unsplash

Snakes and ladders

I started teaching my 4-year-old board games this week. We played noughts and crosses, snakes and ladders, and had a hilarious attempt at Chinese Chequers in which he simply hopped over all my pieces and without bothering to follow the rules. Snakes and ladders sums up this month pretty well for me. It was going … Read more