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Rachel Extance wins Blogger of the Year

And why I have FOMO about it At a bar in London one month ago, a group of remarkable people gathered to celebrate the Digital Women Awards 2020. I wasn’t there. I was lying in the dark, on my son’s bedroom floor, waiting for him to go to sleep. I was privileged to be a … Read more

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Can you write for 5 minutes?

“I’m still struggling to figure out when I write.” I said this to a friend in my writing accountability group, who had shared a link to resources in the NaNoWriMo community about their #StayHomeWriMo initiative, encouraging people to take pleasure in words and writing.  I have no shortage of things I could write at the … Read more

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8 inspiring women who help others shine

Who brightens up your life and helps others around them shine? I’m lucky to have met many wonderful people doing exactly that. In celebration of International Women’s Day, here are 8 inspirational women who make a difference to others’ lives. Jemima Willcox: shining a spotlight on women in tech Jemima is a photographer. A couple … Read more

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Is it ok to keep a story secret?

Congratulations! You have been nominated! I was sitting in a hospital waiting room when I checked my email and this message popped up. At first I didn’t take any notice. I hadn’t entered any awards and the last time I got a similar email, it turned out to be a company fishing for people who … Read more

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Your customers want to see more of you

How telling your stories helps you connect with your customers. New year, new decade. If your social media is anything like mine, there will be many posts from people sharing ‘then and now’ photos from 10 years ago, or a look back at highlights from the past year through to the last decade. You might … Read more

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How being retrospective can change your story

Looking back at the decade which has just ended throws up many forgotten highlights. My husband and I began the last decade with our epic trip down the east coast of America. (Spoiler alert: he wasn’t my husband then.) We flew into Boston and took the train down to Washington, exploring Cape Cod, Providence, New … Read more