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Do you want to write better so you can create engaging thought leadership articles, emails, and marketing posts showing the benefit of working with you? Do you struggle to know what to write about? In this article I’m going to shamelessly show how you can do that with my
Kickstart Your Marketing programme
for coaches and consultants.

"I've found the template you gave me hugely useful and I use it every time I'm writing."

That’s genuine feedback from a client – and you know what? She writes great articles which showcase her expertise and show the value she brings to her clients. You can get your hands on that template when you do Kickstart – but it’s not the only one.

Discover 6 critical types of business-focused articles you need on your website

You want to build up a bank of material on your website which introduces you to your clients, helps them out by answering their questions, and gives them confidence to buy from you. This forms part of what I call your Business Resource Library. Like a real library, you select the item you need in each situation, whether that’s a sales page, a brochure, or the answer to a commonly asked question.

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During Kickstart Your Marketing, you will learn to write 6 critical types of business-focused articles over 3 months. Then you can use the templates to write on repeat whenever you need to.


The programme guides you through how to write these critical articles:

1. FAQ articles

The easiest way to attract people to your website is to answer their questions. This is where Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) articles come in. You can write them for people searching for information and you can also use them to answer queries your clients often have so you can save time and show them you will meet their needs.

2. Case studies

These are brilliant for showcasing what you have done for coaching or consulting clients in the past. You can show the transformation they experienced and get your potential clients thinking about what that could look like for them.

How does your website do?

I will give you a free video assessment of your website content. You will be added to my email list when you fill in this form.

3. Your origin story

If you’ve been struggling with your about page or what to say when people ask, ‘how did you get into that?’ then this will give you a clear story you can share. It helps people get to know you and find out your personal ‘why’.

4. Sales page supporter

There’s so much you could put on your sales page but you don’t want it to go on forever. Sometimes you also want to showcase your offer in a different way to how you spoke about it on your sales page. This is where your sales page supporter articles come in. They cheerlead for you. This article is a sales page supporter for Kickstart Your Marketing.

5. A news story

What do you do when you want to tell people some news? You’ve won an award, or you’re writing a book, for instance. I see so many people who don’t make the most of these opportunities. I’ll walk you through how to write a news story – and what to do if you also want to send it to the media.

Event write-up

This is a multi-purpose article. I’ve focused on events because you will have been there with people and it’s an opportunity to share memories and knowledge with your tribe as well as sharing information with your audience. You could also use it to write about a podcast you listen to, a book, or another experience.


You might now have many more ideas for what you could write about on your business blog!

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You will write original content for your business blog

While they are templates, there aren’t any copy and paste phrases. You are learning a process. You are given prompts which unlock what you want to write and help you get it out of your head. Everything you write will be yours, using your references, knowledge, and stories.


As you build your blog, you will be able to use the processes you have been taught to create your thought-leadership pieces.


You’ll also save time writing emails and social media posts because you will have material you’ve already created to use. 

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Rachel Extance speaking at the Bradfield Centre, Cambridge

You’ll get feedback from a professional writer

This course is run live because as well as the step by step templates telling you what to write, in what order, you also get my eyes on your articles. I’ll give you feedback on them so you improve your writing over time and have confidence to publish it. If you have half-written drafts sitting on your computer, this will enable you to get them finished off and out into the world.


I can spot what’s getting in the way of you finishing an article. I am also a good judge of what needs to be in it and what could be used elsewhere. Often, I read a blog post and find it’s really two or three articles in one. I’ll help you order your thoughts and make the most of them.

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Rachel Extance on stage at Cambridge Social Media Day. Photo by Jemima Willcox

You will develop a content plan that works for you

At the start of the programme, you will get a 90 minute 1:1 with me where we talk about you, your clients, and how you help them and come up with topics for you to write about.

Discover how to make the most of your blog

As well as the writing guides, you will get tips on headlines, intros, SEO, and how to make every article you write work hard for you.


New material is released gradually over the course of the three months so you don’t get information overload. You will write an article, learn about some additional techniques, then write another article, and so on.


By the end of the programme you will be confident to write for your business and have a process for making the most of everything you produce.


Get better at writing about your coaching or consulting business, link your articles, and raise your visibility by joining Kickstart Your Marketing.

A computer screen showing the course platform. A second screen shows a still from a video guide to help you write your blog post. A third screen shows me. I will give you feedback on your articles, and a deadline to write them so you get accountability. Behind the computer screens is a snapshot of 3 workbook covers: write an engaging case study, share your origin story, and sales page supporter.
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