Moscow rules: prioritising what’s important

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The sands of time… Photo by Uros Jovicic on Unsplash.

I confess I have found myself in the Quadrant of Waste a few too many times this week. It’s partly because I’m sleep-deprived. Family illness and toddlerdom have taken their toll, seeing me awake and downstairs in the early hours of the morning a lot more than I would have liked.

It’s not that I don’t have things to do but I’m struggling to prioritise. And it’s all too easy to find yourself reading interesting work-related article after interesting work-related article and telling yourself that engaging on social media is part of your job and suddenly time has passed and you still haven’t finished that thing you needed to do. This?is the Quadrant of Waste in Stephen Covey’s Time Management Matrix.

It’s the polar opposite of where I need to be to make my 12 Week Year a success. I need to be in the inspiringly named “Quadrant of Quality and Personal Leadership”. Doesn’t that sound like a place where you would feel epic?!

I’m trying out a new way of prioritising my task list. It’s called MoSCoW. I confess the title of this blog is a homage to one of my favourite TV series, Smiley’s People, but MoSCoW rules are clear. You divide your task list into Must, Should, Could and Won’t. It’s as important to know what you’re not going to spend time on as what you will.

I’ve put the daily blog under ‘should’. I’ve made a commitment and I should do it, but it’s not as important as many other things I must do.

Then I use my rule of threes and take three things from my ‘must’ list to get done each day. Hopefully this will create time to spend in the hallowed Quadrant of Quality and Personal Leadership to work on my 12 Week Year Goals.

I’ll let you know how I get on!

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