Take three: a winning formula for getting things done

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How do you stay on track of your tasks?

How do you plan your day? Do you get to the end and feel you’ve done everything you wanted to achieve?

I have been focusing on productivity and time management this week. There’s a big difference between the things you need to get done and the tasks you want to get done. I have an ever growing list of things I want to do from courses I have signed up for to books I would like to read. Some of these are stepping stones for things I would like to do with my business, others are personal. But with constant demands on my time, how do I get them all done?

I’m not sure there is ever an end to the ‘to do’ lists but I have been focusing more on tasks than end goals. Louise Lee, who is brilliant at using technology to get things done, showed me how breaking things down and asking: “what’s my next action?” keeps you moving forward. Lots of the things on my list will take time. I’m not going to complete all my courses in a few hours (the Udemy sales are so tempting!)

I am also taking part in the 12 Week Year and this involves setting three goals you work towards over three months. Mine are a mix of business and personal and right now, they seem huge. I’m intimidated.

I work with Cambridge Leadership College and every day, everyone – staff and students – states their three wins for the day.? I joined in this morning and it reminded me that I don’t have to do all my next actions at once. If I can achieve three things every day, three ‘next actions’ which move me closer to my goals, I will get there.

S0 far I’ve done two out of today’s three and I’m on track to complete my tasks. My reward? I’m going to settle down with a book.

  • How do you keep on track? I would love to hear your productivity tips. Leave me a comment below.

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