World Book Day: it’s not the dressing up that matters

World Book Day it’s not the dressing up that matters

I have a confession to make: I like World Book Day. UNESCO’s celebration of books and reading is marked in 100 countries but many parents dread it because children are encouraged to go to school dressed as their favourite character. When I realised I was going to have to deal with this myself, I was […]

Taking business lessons from the Blue Caterpillar

We’ve gone down the rabbit hole a few times this week. First at a wonderful Alice In Wonderland exhibition at the Museum of Oxfordshire in Woodstock and then with CBeebies Presents.  Alice in Wonderland is a tale of the unexpected, where nothing is quite as it seems. What I wasn’t expecting as I idly watched […]

What I’m reading on holiday

A photo of the 3 books I'm reading

So many books, so little time. “What are you reading?” Entrepreneurs ask each other this a lot, along with requests for recommendations. It’s always a conversation which leaves me with lots of titles for interesting books I would like to read noted down, but a feeling of panic about when on earth I am going […]

Why Martin Luther King wore glasses

Why Martin Luther King wore glasses

What superpower did you wish for when you were a kid? I always wanted to fly like Superman.  What superpower do you wish you had now? Who did you want to be? I’ve been catching up on one of my favourite podcasts this weekend, One of the episodes I listened to was a great […]

How trying to be different can make you just the same

How trying to be different can make you just the same

How do you make your business stand out from the crowd?   What makes people want to do business with you? It’s something we all grapple with as business owners.   And we’re constantly bombarded with messages about it from other people. You know, those adverts that pop up on Facebook from the ‘guru’ or […]

Learning to listen to my intuition

My copy of Steal Like An Artist

How often do you listen to your intuition? Mine?s been telling me something?s missing for a while now. There?s been a nagging feeling at the back of my mind. Something I?m not doing. I recently came across Zig Ziglar?s Wheel Of Life. As followers of this blog will know, I?ve been attempting to improve my […]