I or we? How a graphic designer put herself at the centre of her brand

One of the issues many business owners grapple with is whether to refer to themselves as ‘I’ or ‘we’. It’s a particularly difficult question when you run a remote agency, working with others to deliver projects, but not having an in-house team.

Karen Arnott, of Arnott Design, approached me after debating this with herself and others for some time. She wanted to refresh her website copy “confidently as ‘me’”.

She had her brand values in place, a clear idea of the message she wanted to get across, and a new strapline. She was happy to write most of the site herself but wanted me to edit it, and she didn’t want to write her own About page.

When Karen showed me her new website design she had put a photo of herself on the homepage which she had cut out and layered colour behind so she really stood out. The site oozes confidence, gravitas and personality with lots of examples of her work and great testimonials from her clients. It lives up to Karen’s promise of “effortlessly elegant graphic design”.

Arnott Design homepage

Her About page copy needed to reflect that too. Karen wanted a minimalist approach. She showed me examples she liked of websites where a copy ‘light’ approach had been used to good effect.

I interviewed Karen about her career, how she works, and who her clients are. We focused on what people need from her and how she dovetails seamlessly into the companies she works with to deliver high quality work on schedule.

Then I went through my notes and lifted out the key points. I revisited the website examples she had shown me and picked up on how one of them had distilled their message down to a couple of words. When I looked at the roles Karen plays, I realised I could do something similar so that potential clients could see at a glance which ‘Karen’ they needed: the experienced designer, the project manager, and/or the design manager.

After focusing on how Karen can help companies specifically, I then wrote a short biography of her which pulled out key experience and skills she had developed during her 20 year career, and told the story of how she had set up her business.

The result is concise, informative and lets her website visitors get to know her.

Arnott Design About Page

Karen said: “I chose to work with Rachel on the copy for my website specifically because she has a unique way of approaching copywriting for businesses like mine.

“I loved the way the process was kicked off with an interview-style meeting where Rachel really delved into what’s interesting about how I work with my clients and who they are. She helped steer me away from talking about what I do, and more onto how I help solve my clients’ problems. Based on this interview, Rachel provided me with an About page format I could never have imagined on my own.

“Following on from this, Rachel was on hand to help me create the content for my new home and services pages. We had a couple of rounds of revisions to really refine the messaging. I’m so pleased with the end result and feel it helps communicate how I work with my clients much more clearly. “

To find out more about Karen and how she can create effortlessly elegant graphic design for your business, go to Arnott Design.

Are you looking for someone to write website copy for you? Whether you want an About page, are developing a new site, or are looking to refresh your existing copy, get in touch with me.

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