How I created case files for an administrative consultant

It can be challenging explaining exactly how your business provides practical solutions to your clients. Your customers might have a misconception about what you do, or think that what you do sounds great but it’s not necessarily for them. They’re not ready yet, not big enough, aren’t in the right circumstances. How do you show them that actually, you’d be a really good fit?

Administrative consultant Louise Lee is a systems and processes expert. She has in-depth knowledge of tools that make your business run more efficiently – and ideally without you. If you struggle to take a holiday, you need Louise!


When we were looking at Louise’s services we started thinking about scenarios business owners would recognise and see themselves in:

  • Creating a scalable business
  • Streamlining processes
    Wanting to work from anywhere
  • Creating a knowledge base
  • Managing an online event and making it easy for people to sign up


Finding and installing the tech and systems needed to make all of these things happen can be daunting and that’s where Louise’s company Saunders and Lee comes in.


I took the information about how Louise had worked with some of her clients and looked at it through this lens. Louise had previously worked in the Foreign Office where systems are vital. When Louise was talking to me about how she worked, it made me think of case files and so that’s how we structured her case studies.

The case studies are all in an accordion-style list on her website so you can open the file you want to read.


Louise said: “Not only does Rachel find the story, she tells it in the voice I wish I had. Rachel paints pictures and creates relatable stories that show people how what I do is relevant to them.


“I have always struggled to find the right words to talk about my business and I’ve always felt like the copy on my website is a work in progress. I don’t feel like that now and that’s because Rachel finds the right words and the right voice for me.”


If you want help to create a business that can run without you and where everything happens seamlessly, get in touch with Louise at Saunders and Lee.


Are you looking for someone who can write case studies for you? Get in touch with me.

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