A Christmas Dinner mystery

Are you sure?” I asked.

“Yes. Mum says these are the vegetarian ones.”

“It’s just that I’ve never seen veggie ones that look that realistic,” I said.

“Shall I taste test? … Can’t tell. Mum, what do you think?”

“I thought I ordered vegetarian ones.”

“Yes but are they?”

As the meat eaters around the table tucked in to the vegetarian pigs in blankets they all agreed how delicious they were. They also weren’t sure if there was meat in them or not.

I was getting serious FOMO. Had someone cracked the mystery of how to create tasty veggie cocktail sausages and mouthwatering faken? If so, why wasn’t it being talked about more? This company should have stock flying off the shelves.

As the meal went on, all anyone could talk about was how good the vegetarian pigs in blankets were. Eventually, as we reached the ‘eaten too much and need a break before pudding’ stage of the meal, curiosity got the better of us. The packaging was called for.

What did the wrapper look like?

The bin was turned out but no packaging could be found.

The mystery deepened.

After a second rummage a package turned up.

Alas, there had been a mix up along the line somewhere and while they contained apricots and nuts, the most delicious ‘vegetarian’ pigs in blankets ever made also contained pork.

It was disappointing but I was relieved I trusted my instincts and didn’t go for the hype.

Sometimes it seems as if everyone is telling you something is wonderful, but they can’t tell if it’s specifically for you.

Have you ever done one of those personality tests? There are lots of different types. I’ve done the High 5 Test, which identifies your top 5 strengths, and the 16 Personalities one. Both pinpointed me pretty well but when you do these activities, you realise just how different we all are. How we like to work is different, the tasks we enjoy are different, our approach to them is different.

While a strategy or process (or pigs in blankets) might work really well for a number of people, it might not be so effective for you, or for your clients. When people find success, they tend to shout about it. They are less vocal about what didn’t work along the way.

That’s why the first thing I always say about creating content for your business is to use the medium which works for you. You’re much more likely to stick with it.
If you want to experiment with something outside your comfort zone, that’s great, but focus on what you know you like and can commit to first. Then if you find you get on well with the new format, you can introduce it.

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