5 ways to repurpose your blog posts

Your blog is a brilliant resource. It is a talking point, a window on your world and an opportunity for people to get to know you and your business. You have also invested time into creating it and you need to make it sing for its supper.

Whether you have only just started blogging or you have been doing it for years, here are five ways to repurpose your blog content and get it in front of more people.

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1. Schedule it on social media

Every blog you write should go into your social media posting calendar. You can post the same content on social media, particularly Twitter, several times. You might have 1,000 page likes or followers but only a fraction of these people will see your post. Put it out again at a different time of day with a different message or picture a few days later to get it in front of more people.

You don’t have to physically go into your social media platform and do this yourself each day. Use a scheduler like Hootsuite, Buffer or SmarterQueue to do it for you. Earmark a couple of hours, put some music on in the background, and sit and go through your blogs and write your posts. Don’t overthink it. Try to write something other than the post title with your link – it’s usual for a preview of your article to come through when you post a link and you don’t want to give people the same information twice.

Create a posting schedule. Post A goes out 8am on Monday and 5pm on Thursday. Post B goes out at 8am on Tuesday and 5pm on Friday. Post C goes out at 8am on Wednesday and 5pm on Saturday. Think about who your audience is and when they will be online. Do they have to do the school run? Do they go to football matches? Are they on the 7.30am train every morning? Keep in mind when they are likely to be killing time on their phone so they will see your content when you are deciding what time to schedule your posts.

2. Pull out quotes

This ties in with the first thing on your list. You have written at least 300 words of great copy. You will have great nuggets of information in there which your followers on social media will want to know. Turn them into images.

Canva is a brilliant resource for creating graphics. Even I can do it. They have lots of templates you can use if you’re not sure how to choose a font or a good ratio of colours. Keep a note of the HEX codes for your brand colours (or if you upgrade to a business account you can store them and your fonts) so you can keep everything looking uniform.

Size the images for your different social media platforms and you can turn your blogs into useful content for Instagram as well as Twitter and Facebook.

You can also use apps like Ripl or Legend to create animated versions you can post.

3. Turn your blogs into videos

Not everyone has time to read a long blog post and platforms like Facebook are ranking video content more highly than other kinds. Pull out the key points from your blog and turn them into a video software like Lumen 5.

This is can be done in minutes and gives your content a new lease of life. Choose some appropriate images, put in your text and you have something new to share.

4. Break down your blog into shorter posts

This blog has five sections. I could repurpose it by creating posts about how to schedule blog posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. I could also write a post about how to use Canva or how to make text based short videos.

All of these would be useful pieces of information to share on Facebook or LinkedIn. Both of these platforms now favour content which doesn’t take the reader off their site. By going through your blog posts and pulling out key pieces of information you can?easily create a bank of social media posts to share directly on social media as needed.

5. Go live!

Check your website analytics and find out what your most popular blog posts have been about. Then use them as the basis for a Facebook live or a YouTube video.

People like to get to know the people they are doing business with. Videos are a great way for people who haven’t met you in person to see who you are and hear what you have to say. You can then repurpose your video by sharing it on other social media or by embedding it in an article on LinkedIn’s blogging platform Pulse and writing some new copy to go with it.

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Rachel Extance helps business tell their stories so they can reach a wider audience for their work and ideas. A professional journalist, she knows how to write stories people find relevant and engaging. If you would like help to get your message across, need someone who can write articles for you regularly, or you would like actionable ideas for how to tell more people about what you do, get in touch by emailing rachel@extance.co.uk or contact her on social media.

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