What is website copywriting? How can it help your business?

Copywriting: what the heck does that mean? And what’s it got to do with your business? As with many things, it’s a complicated way of talking about something very simple. In this article I’m going to explain what a website copywriter is, why they’re called that, and how their work can help your business attract more clients.

What is website copywriting?

Copywriting is a marketing term. It refers to the words written in an advert or other material designed to persuade customers to buy a product or service.


When I was a journalist, we wrote newspaper copy. This meant the words in an article, whether it was a double page spread, or 60 words for a ‘news in brief’. Copy just means words. In a newspaper, the copy needed to inform, educate or entertain.


Copywriting is the art of writing the right words to engage the people you want to work with, or to buy your product. A website copywriter writes the text that goes on your web pages which conveys what your business does, who it helps, and why your ideal clients should buy from you.


Writing great copy involves understanding all aspects of marketing including positioning, putting together an offer, and customer behaviour, as well as being able to write engagingly.

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6 benefits of website copywriting for your business

1. Words which appeal to your target audience

You want to write with your ideal client in mind. Who are they? What do they want? Why is your product or service of interest to them? By thinking about your clients’ story you will be far better placed to sell them a solution they want.

2. Quality copy keeps the right people on your site for longer

People make a decision about whether to stay on a website in less than 5 seconds. If they land on it and can’t immediately see that it is going to do what they want, whether that’s provide them with information, or sell them the specific thing they are looking for, they will leave. Your web copy needs to hook your target audience from the start.

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3. Website copy shows clients why they want to buy from you

Have you ever visited a website and found you didn’t know what the company sold, how it worked, or how to buy it? It’s frustrating isn’t it? And the result was you probably left, never to return. You want to write website copy which helps visitors to your site navigate around it. This will make it easy for them to click the next button and share the benefits of your product or service at a glance.


Website copy not only describes what you are selling in an engaging way, but it also answers any questions the buyer might have before they put an item in their basket, or book a discovery call.

4. Carefully crafted website copy will help you appear in search engines

Do you want free marketing? Of course you do! When you get your website to appear in search engines, including Google, Bing, and Ecosia, you attract organic traffic, that’s people clicking on your site without seeing an advert.


Your copywriter will use keyword research to add phrases people type into search engines to your web copy. This is one aspect of SEO (search engine optimisation) which will help your website show up in search engines.


Good website copy isn’t just found on your homepage or sales/service pages. It’s used to write blog posts which attract visitors to your site who are looking for specific information. This is what’s known as inbound web traffic. Writing blog posts which keep your target audience engaged enables them to get to know, like and trust you.

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5. Blog posts help people at each stage of the buying cycle

When you are planning your content marketing strategy, you will look at what information people need at each stage of the buying cycle. Depending on your business, your clients might not come to your website ready to buy. They are likely to be doing research.


A great example of a company which makes good use of its blog to do this is Checkatrade. They have buying guides and costing guides for a host of home improvements from changing a radiator valve to roof repairs. They know the people looking to employ a trader registered on their site will want to do their homework about what is involved, what the options are, and how much it will cost. Once someone is ready to go ahead, they will press the button and look for companies who can help them.


The same applies to your website. It’s not enough to have an online shop window, you need to create content that draws people to you and shows you as the expert.

6. Add the personal touch to your web copy

A copywriter will get to know you and your tone of voice and use this to write web copy which suits you. No matter your industry or type of business, you can add personality to your website to help you stand out. That includes telling your story on your about page and the stories of people you work with, right down to what you write on the buttons you invite people to click on your website.

What are the benefits of working with a professional website copywriter?

Asking a professional to write your web copy will enable you to:

  • Attract the right people to your business so you know the people browsing, or who get in touch with you for a discovery call are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.
  • Communicate your services clearly to your target audience so they know what you do and can decide whether they want to buy it.
  • Create a website which makes it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for, making it easier for them to make a purchase or get in touch with you.
  • Share who you are and tell your story. This helps your ideal clients get to know, like and trust you so they want to work with you.
  • Share your personality online, making you stand out from others in your marketplace.
  • Save time. Think how many hours, days, or even weeks, it would take you to write your website copy. Instead of spending that time staring at a blank screen, you can get on with what you enjoy about running your business.

Writing great copy is a skill. Copywriters come from a variety of backgrounds. Some learn it working in marketing agencies, some come from journalism or PR, others have always loved writing and so have learned the craft. All good copywriters pay attention to the copy they see in the world around them, and they continually hone their skills.

Would you like me to write your website copy?

You know what you sell, and who you sell it to. Now you want your website to communicate your expertise, experience and personality with your clients, showing them why they want to work with you. 


I write website copy for online business owners who work in specialist fields.
The process starts with an in-depth interview so I can get to know you, your business, and your clients. Then I write draft copy and up to two revisions so you have plenty of scope to get the words just how you want them. I make sure your website sounds like you and shares your personality.



If you would like to find out more, please check out my website copywriting service.

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