Survival, goals and the unexpected

A photo of my running shoes. They haven't been taken for a jog yet.
My running shoes have yet to go for a jog

I did my first workout in five years today. One of my 12 Week Goals is to get in shape so I have hard landscaped ?exercise? into my diary. I didn?t think about how long it had been since I last did anything more than walking until after I had finished doing squats, shadow boxing and, save me, planking.

I wondered how long it had been since I last went to the gym. When was the last time I?. and then it hit me. It?s been five years since I developed my pulmonary embolism, a blood clot on my lung which literally took my breath away. I was walking into town one day and collapsed on the floor in a shopping centre. The next day I couldn?t climb the stairs without getting out of breath.

I don?t think about it very often now but today, the mere act of surviving caught me off guard. I had spent the morning working on my 12 Week Year goals and filling out my business planner. The last couple of days have been full of?conversations with other business owners about what they want to achieve this year. I?ve heard lots of brilliant ideas and I look forward to seeing how everyone?s projects pan out. But goals are not the be all and end all.

Today?s anniversary is a reminder of how the unexpected can throw you off course. I went from being fit and healthy to the polar opposite almost overnight. It also took away career opportunities.

But I wouldn?t have the life I have now if I hadn?t had the blood clot. I am a lot less risk averse as a result of it. I?m far more aware of how easily life can be taken away from you before you?re ready. I?m much more gung-ho about living in the moment.

Today I remember that I am a survivor and, as always, I?m grateful for that.

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