11 great reasons to join Rachel’s Writing Club

Are you struggling to find your writing mojo? You’ve got a writing goal and yet you’re finding it hard. There are all kinds of reasons why we get stuck when it comes to writing for our businesses. I wanted to help B2B coaches and consultants like you, who know they can write but for whatever reason aren’t hitting their writing goals, so I started Rachel’s Writing Club.


Here are 11 great reasons why you should join:

1. You’re going to get support to write for your business

“I’ve got to write something for my business this week.” It sounds like one task but it’s actually several, and you have to complete those tasks while under attack from your mindset monkeys. I’ve been writing professionally for over 20 years and I still have to battle past those damn monkeys telling me it’s no good, and if only I wrote like that person, or that there’s no point because no-one will read it.


A key part of being in Rachel’s Writing Club is that we are all battling our inner critics together. When you are stuck, or when the voice inside your head is telling you it’s rubbish, come into the Club and we’ll support you to get your writing done and published.

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2. It’s a safe space to ask questions

Writing for your business – and about yourself – is hard. You’re an expert at what you do. The people you are working with don’t have your skills or viewpoint – and that’s why they’re hiring you. But that makes it difficult for you to know what to say about yourself and how you can help them. What’s obvious to them? What isn’t? Where do you write? What do you write about? How do you create something you’ve seen someone else do? How do you make it yours?


Whether you come along to the Q&A sessions on Zoom or you post on the discussion board, you can ask your questions knowing you’re surrounded by a group of people who are either wondering the same thing, or have been there before you, or know someone who can help.

3. You’re going to be able to pick the brains of an award-winning journalist and blogger (that’s me, by the way)

Have you ever wished you could ask someone who knows what they’re doing for help? You might not need a power hour, you just have a quick question, or you’d like to be able to discuss something with someone who gets it. For the price of a cup of coffee and a slice of cake, you can come along to the monthly Q&A sessions and get my expert view on whatever you are wondering about writing.

Rachel Extance receives the Newspaper Society Scoop of the Year Award
Rachel Extance receives the Newspaper Society Scoop of the Year Award

4. You have dedicated time when you know you’re going to write each month

Do you find that writing for your business keeps slipping down your task list? Would you like a fixed time in your diary when you are going to write? Then come along to our co-working sessions. They run weekly during term time. The day and time varies each week in a regular pattern to cater for different people. Pick the session(s) that work for you. It’s an easy way to know when you are going to write for your business and you know that the others in the room are doing the same thing, so we’re all in it together.


Co-working sessions take place on Zoom. We briefly say what we’re working on and then we go on mute and get typing. If you have a question, you can message me in the chat.

5. You can share your work and get feedback from fellow members

There’s an opportunity to share your latest blog post or anything else you have written in the group each week. This gives other members a chance to get to know you and what you do and vice versa. The Club isn’t an engagement pod so there are no expectations that you should read or comment on something which doesn’t interest you however you may well discover work from other members that you enjoy.

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6. A rising tide lifts all boats

It’s a cliche but it’s true. Posting your work, celebrating your wins, and sharing what’s working for you encourages others and when you see people’s posts in the group, it will inspire you too.

7. It will motivate you to get started (or keep going)

Joining the Club is making a commitment to your writing and your business. You will want something to put on the weekly share thread, whether it’s a LinkedIn post, an article, or to say that you wrote 5000 words towards your book.

8. You’ll develop new ideas

Reading other people’s work and joining in discussions about writing and marketing will enable you to develop your ideas. There’s nothing like the melting pot of creativity to spark something new. It could be realising there’s something missing from your Business Resource Library that you could focus on creating this month. Or that someone is using a tool that could help you. You might even come up with an idea for a new offer.

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9. You can see if you like working with me

Deciding to work with a coach or mentor is a commitment and you want to be sure you’re going to get on before you commit. Rachel’s Writing Club gives you the opportunity to see if you like my approach.

10. You will get discounts on two of my 1:1 programmes

One of the perks of Rachel’s Writing Club membership is an exclusive 10% discount on my Kickstart and Impact programmes. You’ll save £75 on Kickstart and £550 on Impact.


If you are just getting started with content marketing, or you have done some writing but felt you weren’t approaching it effectively, then Kickstart will guide you through writing 6 articles that showcase your business over 3 months.


If you’re already creating content and want to get more visible so you can create more opportunities for yourself then Impact gives you 12 months of support to build your reputation as a leader in your field.

11. Serendipity

When you join a community, anything can happen. If you show up regularly and contribute, you’ll learn more, you’ll meet more people, you’ll have interesting conversations, and some daft ones.

So come on in! You can pay monthly or save yourself some cash with an annual subscription. I’m looking forward to hearing about what you’re writing and reading your work.

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Cheerleading, accountability, and the opportunity to pick my brain regularly
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