Putting bounce into homepage copy for a children’s entertainment business

Sometimes while you know how much joy you bring to your customers, you can still struggle to put it into words. You know your product is exciting but when you write it down, it doesn’t sound like it is.

BounceFest is an inflatable play zone which runs at different locations around the north west of England during school holidays. They’ve got everything a child could wish for from huge slides to an assault course inside a giant inflatable caterpillar, which you get into by squeezing through its bottom! It’s a lot of fun and the perfect way to get kids to work off some pent up energy.

Its founder Jenette Hardy had commissioned a new website and was struggling with the homepage copy. She knew how enjoyable the event is, but putting that into words was a struggle.

I interviewed Jenette about what was on offer and what children (and their parents) got out of going. She also gave me comments from parents about the event. I then put together a description of what families would find when they walked in to the event and sprinkled in some search terms people would use when trying to find ways to keep their youngsters occupied.

Jenette said: “I had got myself stuck trying to write the sales copy for my homepage. I knew what I was trying to say, but I couldn’t find the right words. So, I got in touch with Rachel!

“I told her what I wanted and she asked me lots of questions to really understand what I wanted to say, and what was important to my customers and she transformed my ramblings into a concise, interesting and informative piece of writing that was perfect for my website. My dull description was turned into something exciting that was easy to read and would convert my customers.

“Rachel was great. She really wanted to understand what I was wanting and to produce something that would work for me. She listened to my comments on the first draft and quickly adapted anything I needed. Once the website was up and running she had a last look over to see that the words flowed with the edited format.”

Find out more about BounceFest.

Are you looking for someone to write website copy for you? Whether you are developing a new site, or are looking to refresh your existing copy, get in touch with me.

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