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I made a puppet today. My favourite networking group,?Drive, invited Jo Bryant from The Hands On Company to run a workshop on business values with a difference – she brought along a bag of furry friends.

Jo uses puppets to help people think through things and we all got to make our own little monster to take home as a business cheerleader.

I loved Jo’s workshop. She said lots of tthought-provokingthings which I’m hoping to blog about in the coming days. But I confess I found the puppet making difficult because it was out of my comfort zone. I would love to be creative. I’ve always imagined how amazing it would be to be able to paint or draw or write music. Alas my efforts are somewhat below par.

A photo of Jo Bryant with one of her puppets
Jo Bryant with one of her creations.

Jo had created a range of puppet bodies with heads and arms and then we had a selection of materials to accessorize them with from eyes to tails. I am easily awed by other people’s creativity. Suddenly people were creating outfits, one person turned theirs into a spider. I felt very out of place.

And then I realised that we had all started from a fairly level playing field. None of us, as far as I’m aware, had made a puppet before. The sewing level needed was basic because the fur hides all the stitches. Your puppet could be whatever you wanted with a little imagination.

One of my friends once said to me: “If you have a go, you’ve got something. If you don’t try, you have nothing.”

Today, I made a puppet and he is there to remind me of the importance of finding time to be creative and step out of my comfort zone.

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