Hitting the reset button

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A new start to the year

I’m starting my year again. There’ll be no re-watch of Jools Holland but I am resetting the clock on 2018. I started the year (originally) with good intentions and some ambitious targets, not least blogging every day for 12 months. But just as things seemed to be slotting into place, I got one of those phone calls which knocks you off your feet and you have to drop everything and go and do something more important. I’m very happy to say that all is now well but my plans for the year have gone awry.

Going back to blogging

Remember the plan to blog every day? Well, that hasn’t happened since early February. My most popular blog post of the last 90 days is ‘What I learned from blogging (almost) every day for a month‘. It’s a tad awkward when I haven’t really done it for the past four weeks.

It’s not just embarrassment that’s got me going back to the blog. This is what has happened to my website traffic since the beginning of the year. Up, up, up as the blog got going and then woooooo back down again as I stopped.

A screenshot of my website traffic, which peaked as I stopped blogging

Traffic didn’t just fall off a cliff because I stopped blogging. I stopped posting on social media too. I’ve always believed social media should be social. I don’t want accounts which spew out automated posts. I’ll confess I haven’t felt very social over the past month so I haven’t been on Twitter much. Knowing I couldn’t be present meant I stopped my blog posts going out as well.

Starting pedalling

I do feel like I’m at the bottom of the hill and I need to start pedalling so I can gain momentum again. I said at the beginning of the year that the thing I would regret most at the end of it would be not starting. This is very true now.

And so I am starting over again. If you follow my blog you’ll know I’m taking part in the 12 Week Year. I think we’re starting week 8 or 9 tomorrow. I could wait for the end of the 12 weeks and do this but instead I’m making this week the beginning of the next year. I have lots of things I want to do. Here are my top three:

  • Start a newsletter. If you’re reading this you’ll have seen the pop up saying I’m thinking of starting one. It’s time.
  • The AltMBA. I’m VERY excited about this one. I have a place on the AltMBA, an intense month-long workshop devised by Seth Godin. It starts next month and I can’t wait.
  • Keep pushing myself out of my comfort zone. You never know unless you try and running my own business is an opportunity to give new things a go, even if they make me nervous.

I may be starting again but that doesn’t mean I am back where I started. I’ve already gained new skills, met new people and done new things this year. I have also got a better idea of what I want to do and how my business is going to develop. But now I want to move on from beta 2018. It’s time for a reset.

Happy new year everyone!


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