14 inspiring quotes to help you build your business from the Youpreneur Summit 2019

I enjoyed a brilliant weekend at the third Youpreneur Summit, listening to expert speakers and hanging out with business buddies from around the country and beyond.

If you haven’t come across the Youpreneur Summit before, it’s a two day conference for entrepreneurs, with the option to spend a third day masterminding to develop your business. It’s hosted by Chris Ducker, who runs the Youpreneur Academy, and people fly in from across the world to take part. 

Spending a weekend working on your business might sound like an indulgence but it was well worth it. I came away with lots of ideas and firm plans for what I want to do in 2020. Here’s a flavour of what we talked about during the two days at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre in London: 14 inspiring quotes from the speakers which will help you grow your business.

"If not now… when?" - Chris Ducker

Chris Ducker on stage at the Youpreneur Summit

This question was the overarching theme of Youpreneur. It’s a big one. An inescapable challenge. When are you going to do this thing you have been talking about it? What action are you going to take this week, today, right now, to make it happen?

We all know that tomorrow never comes. That those dreams of things we will do in 10 years time when such and such has happened end up being kicked further into the distance. There’s always something else to do first, isn’t there?

What have you been meaning to do? What would you love to make happen? Write it down, put a date on when you’re going to deliver it, and set out what you need to do to get there, right now.

“Step into the person you need to be” - Todd Herman

“Winston Churchill used to stand in front of a wall of hats and say ‘which self shall I be today?’” Todd Herman told us. The author of The Alter Ego Effect was the opening keynote speaker with an inspiring message about how to perform at your best. I’ve paraphrased Todd a little with the quote I’ve chosen because he was speaking about himself, saying: “I finally found the confidence to step into the person I needed to be to lead my business forward.”

We all play different roles in our lives and we show up differently for those roles. How you are at home will be different to how you are at the office. You can achieve anything by becoming the person who has the qualities needed to do everything necessary to get you there. If that’s ‘confident you’, then that’s who you are at that time. If it’s ‘calm and collected you’ again, you become that character.

Todd asked us: “Do you have the right you showing up for your business?”

"Wearing glasses increases IQ by 10 points" - Todd Herman

Todd Herman on stage at the Youpreneur Summit

I’m just sharing this for everyone like me who is blind as a bat but now gets to revel in the knowledge that while they may not be able to see 10 paces in front of them, they immediately become smarter when they put on their specs.

"Connection is the most important currency online" - Amy Woods

Did you relate to my comment about needing to wear glasses? Youpreneur was full of examples of connections. The speakers shared stories we connected with and we each told stories and shared experiences that chimed with other people.

When you’re creating content, no matter what it is, it needs to hit home and make people feel something. Amy spoke about the need to repurpose content so it can be used in different formats. I’ll be adding audio into the content I create to help widen the number of people who can connect with what I’m saying.

"We are all in the relationship business" - Lou Mongello

Lou Mongello speaking at Youpreneur Summit

This follows on from Amy’s insight about connection. Lou Mongello is the host of WDW Radio, home to all things Disney, and he gave a very persuasive talk about the benefits of podcasting.

It’s his comment about being in the relationship business that stuck with me. We’re all building relationships and often we’re not aware of them. I have no idea who reads my articles, unless they tell me. We’re part of countless people’s lives through the actions we take and the content we create. You are building a community, whether you realise it or not.

"It doesn’t matter where you are on the ladder" - Jenny Flintoft

A photo of my notebook where I've written: it doesn't matter where you are on the ladder

This one hit home for me. If you read my write-up of last year’s Youpreneur Summit you might remember Jenny’s wonderful comment about no-one saying there aren’t enough music notes. She is great at delivering a lot of insight in a very simple way which makes you look at yourself and consider whether your self-talk is helping.

It’s easy to look at others further on than you, or having success in a different field, and think ‘why them?’ or ‘why not me?’. But comparing ourselves to others doesn’t do us any favours. You’re on the ladder. Keep climbing, one rung at a time.

"It’s the implementation of knowledge that leads to power" - Phil M Jones

Is knowledge power? Phil M Jones asked everyone in the room to put their hands up if they would like to be more successful and then he asked us to keep our hands raised if we knew of at least one thing that would make us more successful.

“We think it’s knowledge that leads to power, but it’s the implementation of the knowledge that leads to the power. The stuff that you choose to do.”

"A salesperson is a professional mind-maker-upper" - Phil M Jones

Phil M Jones on stage at the Youpreneur Summit

“If you want to redefine what a sales person is, pick my definition: what a sales person is, is a professional mind-maker-upper. That’s what our job is. We help people make their mind up,” explained Phil. There’s nothing sleazy or icky about that. You need to give people a reason to take action. If you don’t do that, they won’t move.

I could quote Phil M Jones many times in this article because he wrote a book called Exactly What To Say and shared a number of the phrases he uses during his talk. Go and buy the book. You can read it in an hour and then you’ll want to keep referring to it. I do.

"If you let people pay as you go, they go" - JJ Virgin

JJ Virgin speaking at Youpreneur Summit

JJ Virgin spoke about the importance of talking to people about what you do. How do you know if it works for people unless you’ve actually asked them?

She said: “It’s a lot easier for an anonymous person to say no then be talking to you right there and you having zero interest in what I’m doing but if I’m working with you one on one, I know exactly what’s working and what’s not working.”

I liked her comment about pay as you go customers going and it builds in to what others said about the need to build relationships.

If you really want to stimulate imagination, you need to collaborate with others - Pascal Fintoni

Pascal Fintoni on stage at Youpreneur Summit

Innovation involves thinking differently and bringing things together in new ways. This can be tricky on your own. It helps to talk things through, see them from someone else’s point of view. Working with others can take you places you never knew about. Regular readers of this blog will know I believe in collaboration and this was the quote that stood out for me. 

Pascal gave a great talk filled with film references, including the Wizard Of Oz. When you’re telling stories to persuade others to change, they need a brain, a heart and the nerve to take action.

Instagram is a village - Sue B Zimmerman

Sue B Zimmerman on stage at the Youpreneur Summit

I loved this way of talking about Instagram from Sue B Zimmerman. She described Instagram Stories, IGTV, the feed and going live as neighbourhoods. It’s so easy to run on to social media, post something and disappear off again. But a village is about your neighbours, getting to know one another and helping each other out. Enjoy hanging out and having coffee.

"You can get known for the wrong thing" - Jeff Goins

Jeff Goins on stage at the Youpreneur Summit

Do you have a really popular piece of content that comes up time and time again but is nothing to do with what your business is about? I do. You need a clear idea of what you are trying to achieve and make yourself stand out for the right thing.

"Subvert the status quo" - Jeff Goins

One way to make yourself stand out is by subverting the status quo. Jeff said you don’t need to completely reinvent the wheel, in fact you don’t want to. Wheels work. But sharing your take on the wheel shows how you are different from other people in your field. Develop a compelling argument which gets people talking.

"Who do you want to impact?" - Hal Elrod

Hal Elrod on stage at the Youpreneur Summit talking about how to move beyond the bestseller

Hal Elrod has changed millions of people’s lives through The Miracle Morning. He spoke at Youpreneur about writing a book that “creates a movement, earns you a fortune, and changes the world”. That’s quite a feat. How do you want to change the world? Who do you want to impact?

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