How to get seen by more people and give them a memorable experience

Teresa Heath-Waring at MarketEd.Live. Photo by Mr Ladd Photography

As a business owner, you want more people to know your name and what you can do for them. But in a noisy world, how do you do that? This article summarises a number of ways you can get seen by more people give them a positive, memorable experience, which were suggested by speakers at […]

Marketed.Live 2019: Go deep with your marketing

BizPaul on stage at Marketed.Live 2019

“You can have any colour, as long as it’s black.” This mass market approach has appealed to businesses for decades. Keep it simple, serve lots of people at the same time, and grow. Paul Ince, CEO of LikeMind Media, took to the stage at Marketed.Live 2019 with a different message: go deep. BizPaul on stage […]

Do your customers see things the same way as you?

My children have watched the same episode of their current favourite cartoon on Netflix every day for a week. Happy Hearts Day is pretty self-explanatory. One day a year in the Rainbow Kingdom pink happy hearts are given out. Star of the show True, who is the girl with blue hair, together with Bartleby, her […]

How your clients tell different stories about you

Hair salon. Photo by Guilherme Petri on Unsplash

My children both had their hair cut this week. It was an event I couldn’t put off any longer. When I picked my 3-year-old up from a friend’s house I found he had complained about his hair being in his eyes so she had put one of her daughter’s hair clips in. He was delighted! […]

Are your customers talking about you?

Are your customers talking about you?

How do you know if you are part of someone’s story? Last week I wrote about what it means to become part of someone else’s story. One of my readers, Tamara, commented: “The only part I wish I had more of here was a bit more about where to begin or where to look to start to […]

What does it mean to become part of someone else’s story?

What does it mean to become part of someone else’s story?

Marketing is too often an exercise in blank firing. Content is created and fired out on blogs, social media, and company publications with no thought to who is going to read it, let alone act on it. Business storytelling involves hooking your audience in. You need to find that magic point where your story and […]

Why you need to stop dodging feedback

A photo of some headphones. Are you listening to feedback?

How do you feel about feedback? Relaxed? Or do you get a knot in the pit of your stomach at the mention of it? Is it something you give and receive regularly or reserved for a once-a-year-let’s-get-this-over-with-exercise? I realised recently that I have been avoiding feedback. Actually I’ve known it for a while but such […]

What stories do you want people to tell about themselves?

A photo of my DM boots

I’ve been working on the business behind the scenes for a few months now. I’m beginning to think maybe it’s like painting the Forth Bridge, you’re never really done with honing your message and seeing ways you can help your ideal customers. One of the exercises I did this week was looking at brands I […]

Why thinking ‘mobile’ matters

A photo of a man reading on his phone, woman on a laptop and a tablet on the table

I need to apologise to more than 60% of my readers. Why? Because yesterday’s blog post about sidebars didn’t make any sense if you were reading it on a mobile. I talk about focusing on your audience a lot – and then I forgot about which devices people would be reading my blog on. I […]

How storytelling can help you define your brand’s value proposition

How storytelling can help you define your brand's value proposition

What can storytelling do for your business? Learning about your customers’ stories and their journey is crucial to working out how you can be of value to them. I was introduced to a business modeling system called The Business Model Canvas this week. Doesn’t sound very interesting does it? But once you start adding stories […]

What’s In A Name?

I was called by my broadband service provider a couple of days ago. They only ever call when they are trying to sell me something so I was prepared for being pitched at and wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible. Of course, this meant I wasn?t going to listen to what […]