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How did your start your business? Was there a problem that needed solving, or did you discover a new way of doing something? What put you on that path in the first place?

You might have heard people talking about storytelling but not be sure how to use it or what stories to tell. That’s where I come in.

There is a story behind every business and the people who work in them. Telling these stories helps your potential customers understand who you are, what you do, and how you can help them.

I will help you plot out your stories. I also offer workshops and corporate storytelling training.



Rachel took a lot of time to understand who my target audience / clients are. Following my initial consultation, Rachel provided me a huge compendium of suggestions and tips for storytelling ideas and different ways to start a conversation online. I now have a pipeline of 50 blog posts and countless video ideas based on Rachel’s guidance.

My LinkedIn content is getting more organic reach and my website has had a refresh. I would wholeheartedly recommend Rachel’s services for anyone seeking to get more reach and audience engagement through better storytelling!

James Meads - James Meads Consulting

Learn to tell stories from a journalist

I worked as a newspaper journalist for 15 years. When I went into business and started talking to people at networking events, I found they didn’t know what their stories were or how to tell them.

I use my news sense and storytelling skills to help entrepreneurs tell better stories so people get to know who they are, what they do, and importantly, why it matters.

Corporate storytelling training

Your business is built on stories. Every member of your team has stories, every product or service you offer has stories, and your customers have stories. Your customers also tell stories about you and what you do. 

I will show you how to use stories in your business to attract customers and build loyalty.

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