How can you help people fall in love with your business?

When we fall in love, we go all in, and when we feel loved, we shine. Nothing makes a business owner skip with joy like a new customer or a glowing testimonial. 


Word of mouth accounts for up to 91% of sales according to Jay Baer. That makes love a powerful force when it comes to growing your business.


What can you do to make people fall in love with you? And how can you amplify that love?

What makes you love a business?

I’ve fallen in love with many businesses over the past year.


Cambridge Fruit Company for delivering fresh fruit and veg to my door during the pandemic when I couldn’t get a supermarket slot. They also introduced us to Norfolk Street Bakery‘s divine Pasteis De Nata.


Grape Britannia for cycling wine to my door.


Plumbs Dairy for keeping my little milk monsters topped up. We recently started getting eggs, bread and firewood from them too to avoid additional shopping trips. 


Local restaurants including Efes, The Tiffin Truck, and Vanderlyle, who create delicious meals we can eat at home, either delivering them to us or enabling us to pick them up. 


Our local Budgens has kept us going with top up shops.


Then there are people creating lovely items I can send as gifts. Today I gave my husband a print from Cambridge Purple for Valentine’s Day. I sent coasters featuring lovely paintings of Cambridge scenes by Naomi Davies to friends at Christmas. I was impressed not only by the gorgeous designs from both artists but also their amazing customer service.


Toppings Books have delivered us books we could share, particularly for our children and it was fun to see which of their four stores across the country each had come from.


And then there are all my wonderful customers, whose businesses I have got to know through writing about them. Every one of these businesses is working hard to deliver great experiences for their clients and solve their problems.

Wine from Grape Britannia, with Norfolk Street Bakery pasteis de nata, and bananas from Cambridge Fruit Company in the background.

You can see some common themes emerging from my list of business loves.

  • They all provide a specific service.
  • They are independent, and those that aren’t (John Lewis for example) have a personalised feel to them. They make it easy for me to find what I am looking for. 
  • They don’t just solve a problem (I need to do a food shop) they delight me too. It’s a pleasure to receive what arrives on the doorstep or mat.
  • They provide excellent customer service.  My orders are delivered when I expect them. And many have gone beyond that. Naomi wrote a card for me and sent it to the Czech Republic when she realised my friend wouldn’t know who her gift was from because I had checked out without thinking that through.

Make being a customer enjoyable

My print from Cambridge Purple came with a lovely thank you card. I’m always pleased to see Matt or Natalie from Grape Britannia at my door. I also follow many of the businesses I buy from on social media or am on their mailing lists. They share pictures of their day with me. They create illustrations, videos, or say things which make me smile. They inspire me with ideas.


They add something to my day. That smile or those words of wisdom or tips on how to do something I am interested in, making me feel positive about them. 

Share the love

Make it easy for your customers to tell you they love you and then share those love letters with other people. 


If you have a Google My Business account then people can leave a review there. You might use TrustPilot, or if you are on LinkedIn then people can recommend you. 


You can ask your clients if they would be happy to have a case study written about them too. If you’re not sure how to go about that, or you would like an impartial version of your story, then get in touch with me. 


When you get a review or recommendation, share it. Put it on social media and say thank you. Make use of it on your website. Nothing is more powerful in persuading a potential customer than seeing lovely words about what you do written by other people. 

How will you encourage your customers to share their love for you?

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