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How to deal with 'what will people think?' fears

How to deal with ‘what will people think?’ fears

A few weeks ago I started a weekly video series on Instagram. I wanted to experiment with a different kind of content and push myself out of my comfort zone. If you have been reading this blog for a while, you will know that I’m a writer, much happier in the background than in front

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How to blog when you don't like writing

How to blog when you don’t like writing

You’ve got a blog section on your website or you’re thinking of creating one, but there’s a problem: you’re not keen on writing. What to do?  You can still have a blog and create a valuable resource for your clients. I’m going to share some ideas and inspiration to help you create great articles without

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What is content marketing and why does your organisation need it?

What is content marketing and why does your organisation need it?

“Content” and “marketing” are two terms which you hear bandied about but are not very clear. What is “content”, what is “marketing”, and what does putting them together mean?  You’re focused on trying to sell your product or service, persuade people to support your organisation, or attract participants. What has content marketing got to do

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Most Common Questions

You can use stories in your business in many places. Choose whether you want people to read, listen or watch them. As well as using them in your blog and social media, they are a useful way to introduce presentations and speeches.

Stories can be however long you want, as long as you hold your audience’s attention.

It can be 6 words, it can be 6,000 words, or 60,000. The length doesn’t matter. You need to be telling a story people can relate to and that makes them feel something.

When you’re deciding which stories to tell, think about your audience. Is it a story they will find relevant and engaging? Will it be entertaining or enlightening for them?

If you have started a business then it can’t be boring. It interests you and there is a market for it. Think about the difference you make and your customer’s stories. What do you enable people to do? What would the world look like if you weren’t in it?