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Cover for How music can tap in to your customers' stories

How music can tap in to your customers’ stories

I saw Bananarama perform live during the summer. It was a blazing hot day and they were playing a one day festival in Hyde Park, London. I danced and sang along to all their classic hits including Robert De Niro’s Waiting and Love In The First Degree. While I was having a good time I

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Cover image for Is it ok to keep a story secret?

Is it ok to keep a story secret?

Congratulations! You have been nominated! I was sitting in a hospital waiting room when I checked my email and this message popped up. At first I didn’t take any notice. I hadn’t entered any awards and the last time I got a similar email, it turned out to be a company fishing for people who

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Cover image reads: 9 lessons I have learned about running a business

9 lessons I have learned about running a business

Just over three years ago my job was made redundant. I was on maternity leave and got a call to go into the office. That there were redundancies wasn’t wholly unexpected, but I was shocked when I was taken into a room and warned I was about to hear my job no longer existed. I

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Cover image for "Your audience wants to see more of you"

Your customers want to see more of you

How telling your stories helps you connect with your customers. New year, new decade. If your social media is anything like mine, there will be many posts from people sharing ‘then and now’ photos from 10 years ago, or a look back at highlights from the past year through to the last decade. You might

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A graphic with the title How being retrospective can change your story

How being retrospective can change your story

Looking back at the decade which has just ended throws up many forgotten highlights. My husband and I began the last decade with our epic trip down the east coast of America. (Spoiler alert: he wasn’t my husband then.) We flew into Boston and took the train down to Washington, exploring Cape Cod, Providence, New

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Most Common Questions

You can use stories in your business in many places. Choose whether you want people to read, listen or watch them. As well as using them in your blog and social media, they are a useful way to introduce presentations and speeches.

Stories can be however long you want, as long as you hold your audience’s attention.

It can be 6 words, it can be 6,000 words, or 60,000. The length doesn’t matter. You need to be telling a story people can relate to and that makes them feel something.

When you’re deciding which stories to tell, think about your audience. Is it a story they will find relevant and engaging? Will it be entertaining or enlightening for them?

If you have started a business then it can’t be boring. It interests you and there is a market for it. Think about the difference you make and your customer’s stories. What do you enable people to do? What would the world look like if you weren’t in it?