Do people know who you are and what your business does?

Do people know who you are and what your business does

How’s business going at the moment? It’s a question that can make you wobble. Erm, yeah busy, you reply, while thinking you wish you had more money in your business bank account. A fundamental question for any coach or consultant is: do people know who you are and what your business does? You’re not alone […]

How music can tap in to your customers’ stories

How music can tap in to your customers' stories

I saw Bananarama perform live during the summer. It was a blazing hot day and they were playing a one day festival in Hyde Park, London. I danced and sang along to all their classic hits including Robert De Niro’s Waiting and Love In The First Degree. While I was having a good time I […]

Your customers want to see more of you

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How telling your stories helps you connect with your customers. New year, new decade. If your social media is anything like mine, there will be many posts from people sharing ‘then and now’ photos from 10 years ago, or a look back at highlights from the past year through to the last decade. You might […]

Why you need to adjust your story depending on your audience

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I went to an event about women in senior leadership this week. It was a good discussion about the need for women and minority voices on the boards of businesses as well as politics and how to nurture future leaders through mentoring and coaching. As I looked around the room I thought about all the […]

Do your customers see things the same way as you?

My children have watched the same episode of their current favourite cartoon on Netflix every day for a week. Happy Hearts Day is pretty self-explanatory. One day a year in the Rainbow Kingdom pink happy hearts are given out. Star of the show True, who is the girl with blue hair, together with Bartleby, her […]

How your clients tell different stories about you

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My children both had their hair cut this week. It was an event I couldn’t put off any longer. When I picked my 3-year-old up from a friend’s house I found he had complained about his hair being in his eyes so she had put one of her daughter’s hair clips in. He was delighted! […]

Are your customers talking about you?

Are your customers talking about you?

How do you know if you are part of someone’s story? Last week I wrote about what it means to become part of someone else’s story. One of my readers, Tamara, commented: “The only part I wish I had more of here was a bit more about where to begin or where to look to start to […]