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I unpack how stories are told, help you spot your own stories, and show you how you can make use of them to let people know who you are, what you do, and why it is for them. 

Digital Women Awards 2020 Winner

What people say about my articles

“Your articles are so helpful and I really like the mix of practical how to’s, as well as the permission for people to just do something and not get too worried about all of the competing information that you read.”


This is an excellent blog. I appreciate the simplicity of it and the fact that you were able to tie different messages from different speakers together. Well done. All the points are clear and concise. I love the specific actions you suggest and the summarized points at the end! This is, by far, one of my favorite pieces on this topic. It offers great value. Thank you again!”


“Your article made me want to slow down some of the ways I market and communicate. It takes more imagination and creativity to do online, but I also think it might help to think of how we treat people offline (when we’re being empathetic).”


““Thanks for such a wide range of examples. I tend to get stuck thinking my business story needs to be my own personal story, so it’s great to have some examples that are focused on the product but still compelling.”


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About Rachel

I am an award-winning journalist and blogger who helps businesses identify their stories and use them to build relationships with their customers. 

My business is called The Story Cave in recognition of the stories our ancestors told on cave walls, and how now we tell our stories using different walls: on social media, websites, and paper. 

I help entrepreneurs feel confident telling their stories and talking about themselves and their experience.