Which formats are most effective for storytelling?

Which formats are most effective for storytelling

“What formats do you find the most effective for storytelling – social, blogs…?” This was a question Mumpreneurs Club asked me on Twitter this week after reading my article What Is Business Storytelling? As I started figuring out how to cram my answer into 280 characters, I thought I should write a blog post on […]

Why the world will never look as good on Instagram as it does in real life

A classic example of a photo which really doesn't live up to how it did in real life.

Have you ever been out on a beautiful day, seen an amazing view, taken a picture and then looked at it and been disappointed? I’ve always thought this was down to my photography skills, or lack thereof. But this week I heard an eye-opening talk about colour theory. Cambridge Marketing Meet-up held a series of […]