The stories behind No.1 album ‘Singing to Strangers’

A radio

I heard an interview with Jack Savoretti on the radio this week and it was so full of stories I couldn’t wait to listen to it again (the power of digital radio and the BBC Sounds App). Jack was talking about how he came to make his No.1 album Singing to Strangers. I’m always interested […]

Learning to speak with Google Assistant

Our Google Home lives on my grandparents' sideboard

We got a Google Home for Christmas. I feel a little like we have invited the Toclafane into our home but I admit I?m a sucker for anything which plays whatever music I want when I ask it to. ?What is it for?? Some curious friends asked us on New Year’s Eve. ?It can tell […]

How storytelling can help you define your brand’s value proposition

How storytelling can help you define your brand's value proposition

What can storytelling do for your business? Learning about your customers’ stories and their journey is crucial to working out how you can be of value to them. I was introduced to a business modeling system called The Business Model Canvas this week. Doesn’t sound very interesting does it? But once you start adding stories […]

4 key ways companies can innovate successfully

Prof Fiona Lettice discusses innovaation at VentureFest East 2017

What makes some companies more innovative than others? The way we shop, order food, manage our lives and access entertainment has shifted in ways we could only imagine 20 years ago. Online shopping, apps, and smartphones have all changed the way we do business and communicate with each other. Innovation has become part of our […]