What does your audience need to know?

What does your audience need to know?

One of the biggest mistakes I see in messaging is the assumption that people reading or watching will know what things do, how they work, or why they need them. Whether you are selling a product or putting together a public information campaign, it is vital to think about what your audience needs to know […]

Do people know why you are communicating with them?

Do people know why you are communicating with them?

Email, social media, direct mail, phone calls, we are bombarded with communications every day. As business owners, we’re also constantly creating messages. We all want our blog posts to be read, our videos to be watched, for people to engage with our posts, and of course, we want to make sales.   While the answer […]

How to draw up a content plan for your blog

Photo of someone writing on a sticky note with a planner. Photo by Marten Bjork.

Are you writing without a plan? Or do you have a blog on your website but you’re not sure what to write about and so you don’t? Either way, you need a content plan. In this article I’m going to take you through what a content plan is, how it can help you, and how […]

How to get seen by more people and give them a memorable experience

Teresa Heath-Waring at MarketEd.Live. Photo by Mr Ladd Photography

As a business owner, you want more people to know your name and what you can do for them. But in a noisy world, how do you do that? This article summarises a number of ways you can get seen by more people give them a positive, memorable experience, which were suggested by speakers at […]

Marketed.Live 2019: Go deep with your marketing

BizPaul on stage at Marketed.Live 2019

“You can have any colour, as long as it’s black.” This mass market approach has appealed to businesses for decades. Keep it simple, serve lots of people at the same time, and grow. Paul Ince, CEO of LikeMind Media, took to the stage at Marketed.Live 2019 with a different message: go deep. BizPaul on stage […]

What is the point of telling your stories?

A man talking to an audience

Someone asked me this week, “what’s the point of telling our stories?” If you don’t tell your stories, no-one will ever know about them. Have you ever heard a story about someone you know that made you think ‘wow!’ – but they hadn’t told you the stories themselves?  A few months ago, our neighbour died […]

Why you need to adjust your story depending on your audience

A speaker addressing an audience.

I went to an event about women in senior leadership this week. It was a good discussion about the need for women and minority voices on the boards of businesses as well as politics and how to nurture future leaders through mentoring and coaching. As I looked around the room I thought about all the […]

9 ways to tell a story about your product

9 ways to tell a story about your product

How do you tell a story about your product? Whatever you are selling needs to tell a story to your customer and that story needs to tie in with the customer’s world view. This means that they see value in what you are offering and your story motivates them to buy your product. It will […]

Does your story have a disconnect?

My friends' holiday cottage British wallpaper

Do all the pieces of your story hang together? Or are there missing links in the plot? A character who suddenly appears (or disappears), an unexplained leap in time, perhaps a shift in location.   We spent a glorious few days at the seaside recently on holiday with friends. We all pitched up in the […]

Which formats are most effective for storytelling?

Which formats are most effective for storytelling

“What formats do you find the most effective for storytelling – social, blogs…?” This was a question Mumpreneurs Club asked me on Twitter this week after reading my article What Is Business Storytelling? As I started figuring out how to cram my answer into 280 characters, I thought I should write a blog post on […]

Do your customers see things the same way as you?

My children have watched the same episode of their current favourite cartoon on Netflix every day for a week. Happy Hearts Day is pretty self-explanatory. One day a year in the Rainbow Kingdom pink happy hearts are given out. Star of the show True, who is the girl with blue hair, together with Bartleby, her […]

How we layer stories to communicate ideas

My husband's copy of Good Omens

I’ve been looking forward to watching Good Omens for months. Not only is it by two of my favourite authors, Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, but it stars many of my favourite actors including the brilliant Michael Sheen and David Tennant.  Now I have a confession: I have never read Good Omens. As it’s half-term […]