Write Here, Write Now

Commit to writing your company blog consistently and get feedback from other business owners at this regular workshop.

Do you find writing your company blog keeps slipping down your task list?

You know content marketing is valuable and want to write your own articles, but life (and work) keeps getting in the way. You are not alone.

Make time to write your blog posts by coming along to Write Here, Write Now – an accountability group for busy business owners who need to write but struggle to fit it in.

What you will do

  • Write for 40 minutes and have 20 minutes to share ideas and feedback with the group
  • Enjoy time to work on your business without interruptions
  • Feel epic about getting your blog posts done
  • Start the day productively
  • Get insights from other entrepreneurs

The meetings are facilitated by Rachel Extance, a business storytelling coach and copywriter who knows the benefit of writing with a group of like-minded people. You can ask her about what you’re writing on the day, what you could write about in future, and how to make the best use of your articles.

We meet at the Future Business Centre on King’s Hedge’s Road, Cambridge. You’ll be writing with entrepreneurs who want to help you succeed and love sharing ideas.

Each session costs £45. They will be at 9.30am on November 28, and December 12.

There are 6 places available for each session.

Bring your laptop. We’ll provide tea, coffee and biscuits.

About Rachel Extance

Rachel Extance (photo by Jemima Willcox)

I’ve been writing in a community with others who want to write regularly for several months. We write every week and give feedback to each other. 

Writing together gives us accountability and commitment. Some of us have been writing professionally for a long time, others have taken up writing recently. We all learn and develop our craft by writing together. 

I write website copy, blog posts, articles for print, social media posts, magazines – anything where you need creative copy to help your work and ideas reach a wider audience. I’m very good at simplifying complex issues to make them more accessible. I’ll also help you see the stories in your business and show you how to share them.

My background is in journalism. I worked on local newspapers for 15 years as a reporter, then on the newsdesk, managing the reporting team and planning what stories go in the paper and on the website. 

I started my business, The Story Cave, in 2017 and write for a variety of clients.

I know that not everyone wants to outsource their blog writing but they need a nudge to make sure it happens and the confidence to hit publish. That’s what Write Here, Write Now is designed to do.

What people say about me

"I highly recommend Rachel to anyone who needs their words to have impact, to stand out from the crowd and to get noticed in the most appropriate places."
Ann Hawkins
Drive The Network
"I have always struggled to find the right words to talk about my business and I’ve always felt like the copy on my website is a work in progress. I don’t feel like that now and that’s because Rachel finds the right words and the right voice for me."
Louise Lee
Saunders and Lee Ltd

Frequently asked questions

A regularly updated blog is an opportunity to keep your customers updated with the latest news about your company and trends in your industry, as well as helping them by answering their questions. It’s an opportunity to share your knowledge and give people the inside scoop on what is happening.

New articles also give search engines a reason to return to your website.

“Content marketing gets three times more leads than paid search advertising. (Content Marketing Institute, 2017) (Source: https://www.hubspot.com/marketing-statistics)”

“Marketers who prioritize blogging efforts are 13x more likely to see positive ROI. (HubSpot, 2019) (Source: https://www.hubspot.com/marketing-statistics)”

Blogging once a month is a great way to bring traffic to your company website and help people get to know you, what you do and why you do it. You can blog more frequently if you would like to. The important thing is to choose a frequency you find manageable and can maintain consistently.

Research from Hubspot found companies who published more than 16 blogs a month saw almost 3.5 times more traffic than those who only posted 4 times or less.

Blogging gives you articles you can share with your wider audience. You can send them out on email and use them on social media.

By being strategic about what you choose to blog about, people will also find you through search. 

Talk to Rachel about what your business does and who your customers are. She can help you develop ideas for articles.

You are making an investment in your business. You could write in your office, but you’ve tried that already. 

Joining Write Here, Write Now gives you a clear commitment. You are scheduling a regular time when you will write an article for your company blog. It provides you with accountability – to yourself and to the other members of the group. It gives you feedback. 

What is an hour of your time worth? 

If you are struggling to find time to blog and don’t want to do it yourself, you could outsource. Rachel charges £180 for a one-off blog post.

Giving feedback to others is an important part of the process. It helps others in the group to think about their work. Do their arguments hold weight? Have they made any unfounded assumptions? Do they raise questions you think they should answer?

Having at least one more pair of eyes on your work will help you make it better. 

We all learn by reading each other’s work, even if we are not the intended audience. You might not be a customer for that business, but you can still share your insights with the author.

We’re expecting you to be able to give feedback to two other people (which means two people will read what you have written in return). The session timing should give you up to 10 minutes per person.

It depends. You might find it’s too long or too short. But it will give you a concentrated period of time to work on your ideas and get them onto the screen. 

If you think back to school, you probably had about 35 minutes to produce a piece of work.

This is a pilot project and we would appreciate your feedback on the length of time you have to write in.

Some people write every week, some fortnightly, and others monthly. Holding a session every two weeks will enable us to see what attendees find most useful. If the pilot is a success, then we might run sessions weekly or monthly from January. Two weeks was chosen to start with because that’s what we were asked to provide.

No. You can write whatever you want during the session. If you are writing your own website copy, for instance, you could use the sessions to do that. Or it could be the time you spend writing your regular email to subscribers, or putting together material for a brochure. You could even write a book (500 words a fortnight might mean it takes you a couple of years but you would get it done).

Book your place for Write Here, Write Now

Choose the date of the session you would like to come to.  All sessions run from 9.30am-10.30am.

November 28, 2019

December 12, 2019