Who cares how many followers you have?

A picture of someone posting an image on Instagram by Jakob Owens.
Only connect? Numbers don’t matter, people do.
Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash.

It doesn’t matter how many followers you have on social media. So many businesses want to grow their followers by ‘x’% within too short a time but they are missing the point of social media.

Followers are not a useful way of gauging how you are doing on social media. They are simply a vanity metric. A number to make you feel good. What you need to think about is the quality of interactions you are having.

Did your last post get likes, comments or shares/retweets? If it was a link to your website, did anybody click? Were they interested enough to leave the platform they were on to go and look at your site?

More importantly, are you having interesting conversations? Have you shared something with a friend who might be online on the other side of the world? Or has something made you laugh out loud or made you think about something differently?

Social media is about finding people you connect with and having a chat. Stop checking the numbers and strike up a conversation.

  • Rachel Extance is a communications consultant. She uses stories to help businesses get their message across.

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