Learn how to tell your stories effectively

Find out what makes a story and how to make use of them in your business

Do you hear people talking about business storytelling but don’t know what it means?

Or perhaps you are keen to write for your business but are not sure where to start.

I teach people how to tell stories and use them when they write for their business.

I offer practical training and workshops for individuals, companies and groups who want to know:

  • What is meant by storytelling
  • Why you should tell stories
  • How to tell stories to different audiences



How to create content when you are short of time

Do you struggle to find time to create articles, videos, social media posts, or write emails?

You know you need your business to be visible but you have client work to do, admin keeps turning up, and then there are the interruptions. You probably want to shut down your computer and take a break too. When do you create the content?

This one hour masterclass will take you through five strategies you can use to create content when you are short of time, and help you avoid running to catch up in future.

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Storywriting for business is difficult and Rachel was able to break it down into a series of smaller steps that really made sense. I came away with useful info and advice, which I can put to good use in my job.

Debbie Murphy


Are you looking for an engaging speaker who can tell stories which will help your audience tell their own?

I speak about how to get started with business storytelling, how to write for your business, and how to pitch to the media.

I also offer talks on leadership and how to achieve your goals.

Start telling your stories

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