Training and Workshops

Learn how to spot the stories in your business - and how to use them

Do you hear people talking about business storytelling but don’t know what it means? Learn what makes a great story and how you can use them by attending one of my training events.

I offer practical training and workshops for individuals, companies and groups who want to know:

  • What is meant by storytelling
  • Why you should tell stories
  • How to tell stories to different audiences
Prices start from £65 per person. I deliver workshops to small groups of 8 people or less to facilitate conversation.


I offer training sessions on the following topics:

  • What is business storytelling
  • How to use storytelling on social media
  • Blogging for business
  • How to write a press release

Training is offered in person or via Zoom. Get in touch to find out more and discuss your requirements.


I run business storytelling workshops in and around Cambridge. 

Topics include:

Getting started with storytelling

What has storytelling got to do with business? Find out in this workshop which will get you thinking about how stories influence our daily decisions – and those of your customers. 

How to connect with your audience

This workshop will show you how to identify your ideal audience, really understand who they are and what they need, and then develop the most effective strategies to communicate and engage with them.

How to write your About Me/Us Page

Are you struggling to write about yourself? Has that ‘About Me/Us Page’ for your website been on your task list for a while? Are you wondering what people want to know? This workshop is for you.

Every day stories for your content calendar

Do you struggle to know what to post on your blog or social media? You know you need to post something but you’re not sure what? Whether you’re a writer or not, this workshop will give you a supply of ideas you can use to create your own, original content (no copycat memes) so you always have something to share which your audience will find relevant and engaging.

Client Testimonial

Storywriting for business is difficult and Rachel was able to break it down into a series of smaller steps that really made sense. I came away with useful info and advice, which I can put to good use in my job.

Debbie Murphy


Are you looking for an engaging speaker who can tell stories which will help your audience tell their own?

I speak about how to get started with business storytelling, how to write for your business, and how to pitch to the media.

I also offer talks on leadership and how to achieve your goals.

Start telling your stories

Ask me to run a training session for you or speak at your event.