Plot Out Your Stories


A one-hour consultation to identify stories you can tell in your business and how best to share them.



What stories can you tell in your business? If you would like help plotting out your stories and how to use them, book a one-hour consultation with me. We’ll talk about you and your business, who your clients are, and develop ideas you can use.

Why tell stories?

We see the world through stories. They help us make sense of things. Telling stories helps people get to know you and see how what you do relates to their life. They’re a useful way to capture attention, explain a new concept, and help people connect with you.

What you get when you buy this service:

  • I will send you a link to my calendar
  • You book a 60-minute call at a time that suits you
  • I’ll send you some questions to answer so I can learn more about you and prepare some ideas
  • We spend an hour on Zoom working through stories you can tell
  • I will send you a write-up of what we have discussed

Start telling your stories. Book a one-hour consultation with me.


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