How to use Twitter lists

A picture of a crowd of people carrying umbrellas by Alex Block on Unsplash. Twitter lists help you find the accounts you need easily.
Are you looking for people in the crowd on Twitter? Lists help you find the accounts you need easily. Picture by Alex Block on Unsplash.

Twitter is a very noisy place to try to find content in. Your newsfeed updates every few seconds, you spot snatches of conversations and then Twitter whisks you back in time with ‘tweets you may have missed’. When you are following several hundred people you need a way of cutting through the noise. Enter Twitter lists.

Twitter lists are a way of segmenting people into categories which make sense to you. You might want to?create a list which brings together a group of people who all tweet about the same topic or you might want to collate people from a particular company or place.

By creating lists of things which interest you, you are indexing the key people that matter, making it quick and easy to interact with the accounts you value most.

You can create your own lists and subscribe to other people’s.

How to create a list and add someone to it

A screenshot of Rachel Extance's twitter profile with drop down menu shoing Add or remove from lists optionThe simplest way to do create a list and add someone to it is to go to the profile of the person you are interested in and click on the 3 dots to open the secondary menu. You don’t need to follow the person to add them to the list.

Click ‘add or remove from lists’. This will then take you to your lists or invite you to create a new one.?You can do this on mobile or desktop.

To create a new list, give it a name which makes sense to you. If it is a public list, anyone who is added will get a notification they are on your list. You can add a description if you want.

If you want your list to be secret, check the ‘private’ box. No-one you put on the list will know and it will not show up on your public profile.

A screenshot of the pop up to create a new list on TwitterOnce you’ve made your list, save it and then tick the checkbox to add the person to it.

To see at a glance what the people you really want to talk to have been posting, go to your lists and you have an instant newsfeed of conversations you would like to focus on.

How to subscribe to someone else’s Twitter list

There’s no need to re-invent the wheel. If you are looking for people in a particular industry, with the same interest, or who fit a particular demographic, it may be that someone else has already put relevant people into a list.

For example, I’m a member of Drive The Network and would like to chat to other members. Rather than seeking everyone out myself and adding them to my own list, I can subscribe to the list Drive has created.

A screenshot of Drive The Network's Twitter lists

Click on the name of the list you are interested in and you will see an option to subscribe on the lefthand menu on desktop.

Lists are a tremendous timesaver. Are you wanting to catch up on the news that matters to you on your commute to work? Create a list with your key news outlets and commentators in it. Do you belong to a group? Subscribe to their list of members and keep the conversation going between meetings. Do you want to keep in touch with people in your sector? Put them in a list.

Twitter lists help make the Twittersphere less cluttered and enable you to be more engaged. Give them a try!

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