How to use stories to raise your visibility

Free talk – Monday, July 5

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Running your business online gives you so many opportunities to meet and work with people worldwide – and yet, you’re struggling to get seen. You feel like you blend in to the background. You see other people posting but just can’t seem to come up with your own posts. 


You’re happy to respond and comment on other people’s posts but you are not sure what to write about yourself. 


How do you stand out and show people how you can help them?


Sharing your stories raises your visibility. Your stories are unique. You are the only person who has experienced life like you have and that means your stories, personality, and way of doing things is memorable.

During this talk you will learn

Why stories are such a powerful way to communicate






What makes a story memorable












5 stories you can share with your audience without overthinking






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Hi, I'm Rachel

I’m an award-winning journalist and blogger. I’m also an introvert who finds a lot of the social side of running a business difficult. It’s not that I’m unsociable, but I find networking events intimidating. 


Over the past 4 years I have built a successful business with dream clients by sharing stories and writing articles on my blog. 


When I started going to networking meetings I found many business owners did not know what their stories were, or how to tell them. I am on a mission to help business owners like you build their reputation by sharing stories which show people who they are, what they do, and why it is for them. 

It's time to share YOUR stories

Come along and join me live on Zoom on Monday, July 5 at 12.30pm (London time).

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