Have you got questions about Content marketing?

Are you stuck on what to write, where to write it, and what you want it to do?

I offer one-to-one consultancy over the phone or on Zoom to work through any questions you have around finding your stories, identifying your audience, writing for your business, and developing content ideas. 

If you would like to work with me regularly, I offer mentoring and accountability to help you create great content.

60 minute Focus Session

Do you want to ask me about how to get your message across? I can help you tackle your comms questions during a 60 minute Focus Session. 

Whether you have a story you want to share with the wider world, are just starting out in business and need help to decide where to focus your efforts, or you want ideas for content you can produce, this is your opportunity to talk it through and get practical suggestions.

Improve your blog with Blogability: get the mentoring and accountability you need

Does blogging keep slipping down your task list?

You want to create your own material. You enjoy sharing your ideas. You have lots of specialist knowledge and experience to share.

But… you struggle to decide which ideas to pursue.

Life happens, other things take priority, and you find it difficult to put content out consistently.

You need Blogability, my mentoring and accountability service, to help you build consistency and drive traffic to your website.


“I worked with Rachel at the Cambridge News, where I was Head of Features and later Deputy Editor. Rachel was a first-class digital editor at the News, helping to drive huge audience growth. Her social media skills were particularly sharp (at a time when many of us were still blindly feeling our way through it) as were her copywriting and editing – skills honed at the coalface as a reporter and then on newsdesk. (If you can survive – and indeed master – newsdesk, you can do any job in journalism.) The digital role, in particular, also demonstrated her talent for project management. A great operator.”

Paul Kirkley - Interesting Media


Do you need a plan for how to communicate who you are, what your business does, why, and why people should care? 

Together we will discuss your goals and decide on the appropriate way to spread the word about your business. I focus on who your audience is, what they are interested, the type of content they like and where they get it. I also take into account how much time you have to spend on marketing your business. 

If you would like a practical content strategy which doesn’t involve you trying to spin several plates at once, talk to me.

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