What does it mean to become part of someone else’s story?

The Jurassic Coast

Marketing is too often an exercise in blank firing. Content is created and fired out on blogs, social media, and company publications with no thought to who is going to read it, let alone act on it. Business storytelling involves hooking your audience in. You need to find that magic point where your story and […]

Why you need to stop dodging feedback

A photo of some headphones. Are you listening to feedback?

How do you feel about feedback? Relaxed? Or do you get a knot in the pit of your stomach at the mention of it? Is it something you give and receive regularly or reserved for a once-a-year-let’s-get-this-over-with-exercise? I realised recently that I have been avoiding feedback. Actually I’ve known it for a while but such […]

What stories do you want people to tell about themselves?

A photo of my DM boots

I’ve been working on the business behind the scenes for a few months now. I’m beginning to think maybe it’s like painting the Forth Bridge, you’re never really done with honing your message and seeing ways you can help your ideal customers. One of the exercises I did this week was looking at brands I […]

What’s your why? How to tell your origin story

How did the leopard get their spots? We're fascinated by origin stories. Photo by Leo D'Amico on Unsplash

Why do you do what you do? Simon Sinek argues people do not buy from you because of what you do, they buy because of why you do it. Being able to tell your origin story helps you connect with your customers. If they understand why you are where you are, doing what you do, […]

How Andrew and Pete use stories to spark action

I saw the power of stories in action on stage at Atomicon yesterday. I obviously don’t need convincing about how stories prompt people to take action but it’s always great to see it happening live. Andrew and Pete‘s opening keynote for their epic conference Atomicon was a masterclass. If you haven’t heard of Atomicon, it […]

Why Martin Luther King wore glasses

A photo of superhero comics in a bookstore by Lena Rose. Who did you want to be?

What superpower did you wish for when you were a kid? I always wanted to fly like Superman.  What superpower do you wish you had now? Who did you want to be? I’ve been catching up on one of my favourite podcasts this weekend, Youpreneur.fm. One of the episodes I listened to was a great […]

Your business stories matter – even if you sell B2B

Jemima Willcox

My friend Jemima Willcox celebrated her 2nd year in business recently. It’s an awesome achievement. Around 50 per cent of new businesses fold within the first year. How did she celebrate? With an event talking about failure. Jemima Willcox addresses the audience at It’s Not Failing, It’s Learning We don’t like talking about failure. Ask anyone how […]

How stories help you build your tribe

Have you ever been listening to someone and had a eureka moment? Those magic words where you want to jump to your feet and shout: yes! It happened to me at Youpreneur Summit while I was listening to Jessica Lorimer. The talk was about sales but that wasn’t what spoke to me, despite all the […]

How trying to be different can make you just the same

A photo of a copy of The Hueys The New Jumper

How do you make your business stand out from the crowd? What makes people want to do business with you? It’s something we all grapple with as business owners. And we’re constantly bombarded with messages from other people. Those adverts that pop up on Facebook from the ‘guru’ or ‘maven’ (what is one of those?) […]

MarketEd.Live 2018: the future of marketing is personal

Paul Ince on stage at MarketEd.Live

People should be at the heart of marketing. That’s the key message from speakers at MarketEd.Live 2018, which took place at Nottingham Contemporary on September 25. Sounds obvious doesn’t it? As host Paul Ince said when he kicked off the event: “What is marketing if it’s not people talking to people?” So perhaps I should […]

How to write a B2B case study

A photo of two people working across a table

Case studies are a useful means of showing potential clients or investors how you have helped your customers. Follow these steps to create case studies which are to the point and tell your story. Skip the introduction Often case studies start by telling the story of who the client is, what their background is, how […]